Blu-ray should still be out of the next iMacs

iMacRumors coming today from AppleInsider suggest that Apple will not employ Blu-ray drives as standard in the next generation of the iMac, leaving the novelty out of the company's computer line for a while longer. Although this possibility has been suggested for a long time, it would not have been well studied to the point of entering the production of the new machines, which should bring other news.

Perhaps Apple can employ this new optical drive technology as an option among its computers, before completely replacing SuperDrives. In the midst of this, the new iMacs will be able to bring options for processors with four cores, based on the latest update made by Intel in its Core i7 line, intended for laptops.

The most accessible options in this line have speeds of 1.6 GHz and 1.73 GHz, but the price of them still makes their use restricted to high-end machines. So even though chip options quad-core available for the next iMac, it will still be possible to purchase it with configurations dual-core for a while.

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