Bloomberg brings numerous details about iOS 13, macOS 10.15 and watchOS 6

We've heard a lot about the operating systems Apple releases this year, and now it's the turn of Bloomberg to bring numerous details about them in a great article published this morning by Mark Gurman.

We are just four weeks from the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019, where all of this will be officially presented, so nothing more convenient. Here are the highlights for those who don't care about "spoilers":

iOS 13

  • Your internal code name Yukon and it brings a lot of new features that were originally planned for last year, although some have also been designed for iOS 14 "Blue", which among other things bring 5G support and new features focused on augmented reality (augmented reality, or AR).
  • For the second year in a row, we will have performance improvements and bug fixes. We can also expect touch ups on the interface, including a new animation for the multitasking screen and closing apps. Home screen widgets will also get more clean.
  • As expected, we will have a Dark Mode (Dark mode) optimized for night use, which can easily be enabled by the Control Center.
  • Gurman wasn't sure about the general availability of this, but said Apple is internally testing a new keyboard option that lets you just slide your finger over the keys (as possible on Gboard, SwiftKey, and other third-party keyboards).
  • The Sade app (Health) come with a new home screen that highlights the day's activities, a section focused on “ear health” (to prevent people from listening to loud music, for example), better menstrual control for women, among others.
  • As has been said before, we will gain a new feature that allows you to use iPads as a second screen of Macs including Apple Pencil support.
  • IOS 13 also comes with a new version of the Reminders app (Reminders), keeping pace with other to-do list apps on the market. Your home screen has a colorful grid divided into daily tasks, all tasks, scheduled tasks, and scheduled tasks.
  • Parents may, for the Time of Use (Screen Time), stipulate who your children can call at certain times of the day.
  • The Apple Books app also gets an update, encouraging people to read more through a progress bar and a new reward system.
  • IMessage gets an upgrade allowing users to set avatar and public name as well as who can see it. There is also a new dedicated menu that allows you to send versions in style. sticker from Animojis and Memojis.
  • An updated version of Maps (Maps) facilitate access to frequent locations (such as home and work) and allow users to create groups of locations by adding a representative photo to them.
  • As previously disclosed, the Search My iPhone and Search My Friends apps will be combined into a new, internally called “GreenTorch”.
  • Mail is updated with the ability to mute (mute) specific conversations, block emails from certain senders, and have simpler folder management.
  • Apple is also working on a new Sleep Mode (Sleep mode) integrated “Bedtime” tab (Bedtime) of the Watch app. The new feature will be more advanced than the current feature and integrate with future Apple sleep-monitoring devices, such as a new generation of Apple Watch. When enabled in Control Center, the feature automatically turns on No Disturb, dims the home screen, and mutes all notifications.
  • Another app that gets an upgrade to Casa (Home), integrating more with security cameras and even allowing you to view past recordings of them.
  • HomePod should gain a new multi-user mode, responding according to the voices of different people.
  • The sharing interface of iOS 13 will also be improved, making it easy to send photos and links to people you communicate with most often.
  • Safari should get a long-awaited download manager, as it already has in macOS.
  • The Files app (Files) integrate more with third-party software.
  • IPad has a special focus on iOS 13, including an improved multitasking interface, home screen enhancements, and the ability to open multiple versions of the same app.
  • In the field of accessibility, Apple is also working on better hearing aid support.

macOS 10.15

  • The biggest change to the Mac operating system has to do with the "Project Marzipan", which is that developers can easily port their iPad apps to desktops / laptops as well.
  • Only next year, Apple will expand this possibility also for iPhone apps running on Macs. Afterwards, she intends to merge these universal apps into one binary and even combine all App Stores.
  • MacOS will win at least two new apps this year: Podcasts and the new one that will be a mix between Search My iPhone and Search My Friends.
  • Apple is also working on a new Music app (Music) native.
  • Other iOS features coming to macOS include Usage Time, effects and stickers in the Messaging app, integrates with Siri Shortcuts, the new version of the Reminders app and general upgrades in Apple Books.

watchOS 6

  • WatchOS gain a native App Store, allowing users to find and install apps independently of the iPhone.
  • There is a new Voice Recorder app (Voice Memos) on Apple Watch for quick reminder recording right from the wrist.
  • Apple Watch also win stickers from Animojis and Memojis.
  • The Apple Books app reach watchOS for easy access to audiobooks.
  • Apple is working on a native Calculator app for watchOS.
  • We'll also have health-focused news, including a new medicine management feature and another for menstrual control.
  • We will, of course, have new complications including one of audiobooks, one that shows the level of the hearing aid battery, one that measures external noise and one that focuses on rainfall data.
  • Apple has also (re) designed some watchOS 6 dials, including a "Gradient" style, at least two of the type X-LargeIt is a so-called “California” that blends Roman and Arabic numbers, one that looks like a solar clock and one of infographics that brings major complications such as stock market or weather forecast.

· • ·

Obviously, the Bloomberg obtained this information from multiple Apple employees involved in software developments that could not be identified. Some things may not be so accurate, others may be modified, postponed or even canceled. But that gives us a good overview of what to expect for this year's OSs.

Besides them (we will also have tvOS 13, but the Bloomberg did not mention his news), it is possible that WWDC may also be the stage for the release of new hardware from Ma who knows a new generation of MacBook Pro and / or the expected presentation of the brand new Mac Pro and its professional monitor.

What about, excited? 😃