Bloomberg: Apple TV + to be released in November for $ 10 / month

Bloomberg: Apple TV + to be released in November for $ 10 / month

Speculation surrounding some of Apple's new services leavened yesterday and grew everywhere. As we reported, the tests of the Apple Arcade were released to company officials, allowing developer Guilherme Rambo to uncover some information about the game service, including its price.

On the same day, Bloomberg released a report about another prosperous company service: the Apple TV +. More than trailers and news, the site pointed to a likely launch window of the streaming of video, besides suggesting the value of the monthly subscription of the service. In this sense, the Apple TV + is likely to be released in November and cost $ 10 monthly.

Apple itself has not yet provided any information that could indicate the value of the service; however, if the value suggested by Bloomberg confirmed soon, certain that Apple TV + will cost a little more than the $ 7 charged by Disney + (which will be launched in Brazil between 2020/2021) and right in the midst of various plans offered by rivals of Ma's service, such as Hulu (available in the United States only) and Netflix.

THE Bloomberg It also noted the possibility that Ma would offer a free trial of the service, but did not specify how long users could enjoy it. Apple Music currently offers a three month trial period, while Apple Arcade is likely to offer only one free month.

As for the release of original content already at the beginning of the offer of Apple TV +, it is possible that the company is preparing to make available the first seasons of five new series. Just them:

  • “The Morning Show”, with Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell;
  • “Amazing Stories”by Steven Spielberg;
  • Seewith Jason Momoa;
  • Truth Be Toldwith Octavia Spencer;
  • It's a series of documentaries called Home.

Investments in Apple TV + j add up to $ 6 billion!

Of course, a service of the magnitude of the Apple TV + requires a high investment, especially when it comes to Apple.

Thinking about it, the Financial times announced yesterday that the giant of Cupertino has disbursed more than $ 6 billion in original TV shows and movies for its platform a figure 6x higher than the initially advertised $ 1 billion.

Indeed, it is not difficult to imagine that Apple invested this amount in its catalog of original productions; last July we commented that the company would be spending about $ 15 million by episode of the series See equivalent to the budget of each episode of the last season of "Game of Thrones"from HBO.

Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard at Apple Special EventJason Momoa and Alfre Woodard.

Numerically, the company still lags behind other industry giants that are investing real fortunes in content. Netflix, for example, shell out about $ 15 billion This year, but there's a big deal: Apple is apparently offering more “generous” payment terms to ensure attractive programs are offered, meaning the company is paying more for the production process for quality.

So with the Bloomberg, O Financial times It also suggests that Apple TV + should be released in November before Disney + lands on November 12 in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. We'll see.

via MacRumors, 9to5Mac