Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez

Bloomberg: Apple TV + has 10 million subscribers and could win non-original productions

THE Apple TV + was launched just over six months ago and since then the platform has streaming of Apple videos has grown with the help of original content (some highly acclaimed) and the fact that Apple offers a free year of service for those who purchase a new Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV.

However, there was still no information on how the Apple TV + subscriber base was growing – until now. In addition, we will see that the company may give up creating a catalog composed exclusively of original productions and that it would already be acquiring old titles to rival other giants of the streaming, such as Netflix.

We’ll also see, later on, that Apple acquired the documentary rights to “one of the biggest blows in the history of the American government”, in addition to a new feature about production “Defending Jacob”.

Subscribers and non-original productions

As we said, Apple TV + has been expanding without much euphoria, but a new report from Bloomberg rocked this lethargic process.

According to internal (anonymous) sources, Apple would be purchasing older (non-original) movies and programs for its streaming, something that meets the initial service philosophy. These people also said that Apple intends to continue focusing on original productions and that it has not yet acquired “large franchises or blockbusters for your catalog ”.

To the Bloomberg, this (unexpected) attitude would aim to create a content catalog that can be better compared to the huge libraries of Netflix, of Hulu and the Disney.

According to Benjamin Mayo, from 9to5Mac, this change in Apple’s strategy may have been a reflection of the number of Apple TV + subscribers. Also according to information from the Bloomberg, the service would have reached 10 million subscribers last February – but only half of that total would be actively using the platform.

This is a big change for TV +. Until recently, at Apple’s annual shareholders’ meeting on February 26, Tim Cook said: “Apple TV + is about original content. It doesn’t seem right that Apple will just go out and do a reprise. ”

I always said that Apple can release originals and be fine, but it takes time. If you have less patience and want to get subscriber numbers more quickly, you need to purchase existing content. So, who knows, they may have been startled by “only” 10 million users?

Compared to other services, Apple does lag behind: while Disney + already has 50 million subscribers, Netflix gained 16 million new users in the first quarter of this year alone (and today has about 183 million in all).

Documentary by creators of “McMillion $”

Apple acquired the rights to produce a four-part documentary series that will be directed by Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez, known for their production “McMillion $”, from HBO. The information is deadline.

Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez

There is still not much information about the production (including the name), but it is known that the documentary will tell the “true and unbelievable story of one of the biggest blows in the history of the American government” – in other words, it will certainly be worth waiting for.

“Defending Jacob” it was supposed to be a movie

The creator, producer and showrunner from the series “Defending Jacob”, Mark Bomback, revealed to the deadline that the production, initially, was to have made a film. As many may know, the drama is based on the eponymous book, released in 2012.

Defending Jacob series

Precisely for this reason, Bomback inferred that the team chose to create a series due to the need to live up to the original book.

I received the project through Anonymous Content, with the idea that it would be a film. I started reading it and immediately thought it would be a battle to make it into a movie, this is not the kind of feature film that you really do anymore. Not in a way that would do justice [ao projeto].

Realizing this potential, Bomback contacted the production company and said that he was not interested in creating a film version, but that “he would love to do a serial version”.

The first six episodes of “Defending Jacob” are available on Apple TV +, with releases taking place weekly on Fridays.

Video of “Helpsters”

Apple made available another educational video with the characters of the children’s series “Helpsters” and the singer Santigold. Check it out:

Check out the past mini-tutorials here. The episodes of the first season of “Helpsters” are available on Apple TV +.