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Bloomberg also predicts new MacBook Air (and Mac mini!) Coming out in October

Rumors about a new possible MacBook (Air) Coming out this holiday season are already too strong to ignore, even though we don't know exactly what Apple intends to give new gas to a line that is (or was) about to die. Now one of the most trusted names in Ma's rumored chain, Mark gurman, came to corroborate speculation and he even added in the midst imminent update of another public favorite: the good old Mac mini.

Writing for BloombergGurman said that Apple will launch in October a new “low-cost” laptop (by Ma's priests at least), referring to this new model as “MacBook Air” suggesting that this line occupy a range of Lowest price in the company's range, with the MacBook being an intermediate model and the MacBook Pro on top of the mountain.

The new MacBook Air would be quite similar in size and build to the current one, but with much smaller edges around the screen that, in turn, would finally be a Retina panel, making it one of the last Apple products to embrace the technology. would lack the cheaper 21.5 inch iMac). The idea is mainly to attract students and basic users, as well as schools and companies that buy the wholesale machines, something Microsoft is doing with Surface Book.

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press kit

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Regarding the new Mac mini, Gurman said the upgrade will be targeted primarily at advanced users: new more sophisticated processor and storage options will be announced, making the computer more expensive and more attractive to those who are hungry for (processing) power. . It is not known if this update would also come with a change in the design of the pet.

Apparently, this news will not be presented at the (likely) September event, where Apple should launch new iPhones and a new generation of Apple Watch; instead, Mac updates will stay in October, possibly in another separate event or maybe even “quietly”, just with an ad on your site. We'll have to wait and see.

via MacRumors