Nerd Dad in the hospital

Blogger “Nerd Pai” is saved by his Apple Watch [atualizado]

We have already told countless stories here on the site Apple Watch “saving lives”, and ourselves from MacMagazine We periodically receive cases from readers.

A few weeks ago, for example, the Luciano Valadão He informed us that his Apple Watch detected atrial fibrillation and, since he is a doctor and has a cardiologist friend, he managed to get around the situation without even having to go to a hospital.

Today, who told a similar story was my friend Jorge Freire Jr., known for his blog Nerd Dad. On the last 27th, he was walking when he started receiving alerts from the clock about very high beats (170bpm). He got home, lay down and, even after half an hour, still stabilized at 160bpm; that’s when he decided to get help.

Nerd Dad in the hospital

In the emergency room, the suspicion was confirmed: Jorge had tachycardia, probably due to high blood pressure. Fortunately, no sign of a heart attack.

The doctor controlled the heartbeat with medicine and, since that day, I am fine. Now I will do a battery of tests to check what may have happened. For the doctors, it added the excesses of the end of the year, stress, anxiety and my stupidity for not taking my pressure medicine correctly.

As much as I take care of my food, I end up not being careful with other things. This episode was a warning from my body that I need to change. Let go of your laziness and start exercising (after the cardiologist’s “ok”), control my food more and, of course, take my blood pressure medication correctly.

Jorge states that the Apple Watch may have saved his life for the simple fact that, apart from the high heart rate alerts, he was not at that moment feeling absolutely anything wrong / different. If I hadn’t treated tachycardia quickly, it could have evolved into something (much) more serious.

Therefore, the support for the process of approval / release of the electrocardiogram (ECG) resource in Brazil does not take much longer. Apple can’t sleep on the spot with something so crucial, capable of saving lives.

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Update 01/06/2020 at 14:08

And look, how cool: Jorge told his story also in an email addressed to [email protected], and it’s not that Tim Cook answered in person? ?

The email says:


Happy New Year!

I am very happy that you are well now. Thank you for sharing your story with us – it inspires us to keep making progress.

All the best, Tim

Impressive Cook having time to read and reply to emails like this, after all, there are many cool stories that should get to his email every day.