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Bloatware Alert: Operators can install apps on your Android without your permission

If you wake up in the morning and see a new app in your app drawer without you having it installed, this is not a dream, but a nightmare where the villain is your mobile carrier. According to the Forbes, from now on Teles have the right to install software on your smartphone without your permission even after you buy the device.

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Carriers can install apps on your Android even after purchase. / ANDROIDPIT

As if it were not enough to use applications pre-installed by your carrier on your new device, software that you do not use most of the time, it is now possible for operators to install these apps, whether you want or not. This attitude is apparently cool and only happens to those users with Android OS linked to a carrier.

The excuse seems to be the rapid delivery of devices to the market, as it would break the process of waiting for authorization to use them. The new proposal has not yet reached Brazil, but companies such as Verizon and T-Mobile in the US already have support from the company responsible for OTA delivery of these post-installed software. And that, of course, sets precedents for other companies to start using the "new feature".

Why did bloatware ps-install a problem?

Firstly, software occupies the memory of your smartphone and cannot be removed unless you root the device. It is the worst news that most of the time users do not use this service. However, the big problem is that with the possibility of installing an application even after the sale of the device, operators and manufacturers can send software and other content to your Android in order to increase revenue from trade agreements and advertising partnerships.

Honestly, I do not believe that forcing users to use applications will make any difference in terms of their use, or in any way increase other people's interest in them. On the one hand, you have an increase in the number of installs, but on the other is a bad experience, which may undermine the concept of software that will help leverage your downloads. Incidentally, bloatwares are not synonymous with user happy with the service of the operator or manufacturer, so I hope this news will not become a global trend.

What would you think if your carrier started sending apps without your permission or interest to your app drawer? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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