Blender developers plan new features for version 2.81

Blender 2.81 goes into phase two of development and possible features are revealed.

In the month of August we notice the arrival of the new version 2.80 of Blender, with lots of new features and a revamped look and under the cap, now its developers comment a little more about the possible features that will be added to Blender 2.81. blener-3d-eevee-render-editing-modeling-editor-animation-drawing-linux-windows-mac-free software-motion-graphics

Blender is recognized for its competence and complete range of tools. This is a very powerful software maintained by the Blender Foundation, open source, and it follows a strict development policy. However, I do not mean that its rigorous development, in the sense of not receiving new ideas, on the contrary is an organization and time for everything. Blender divides these processes into development phases, like most major projects, to understand a little about the new features of Blender 2.81, and to find out more about these stages of development.

All in all 5 cycles until we have the final version, which is:

  • Bcon1 (9 weeks): Start with developers accepting accepted commits or submitting them for review. In this period all the effort allocated to work upon these commits in the code. The community may be aware of which features will appear in the next version of Blender;
  • Bcon2 (4 weeks): This phase focuses on focusing on bug screeningsolving the high priority failures, and make the features previously accepted in bcon1 stable. Developers can focus on providing well-polished features, while the rest (the ones not considered very important for current release) can be enhanced in time for the next bcon1;
  • Bcon3 (4 weeks): When things get really interesting. At the same time as bcon3 of the current version of Blender, bcon1 of the next version is started. A new release branch designed to leave the main code version open for new features, while Blender's project coordinators evaluate whether developers need to work on something else or just focus on pre-determined features;
  • Bcon4 (1 week): phase where only critical commits are merged, and the community can test what will be the new unstable and stable version of Blender;
  • Bcon5 (1-2 days): The stage in which final compilations are packaged for all platforms, final adjustments to promotional registrations and images, social media, video advertisements, and the final option configured on for displaying the new release on Download page.

What's New in Blender 2.81

The Blender 2.81 release is in the bcon2 phase, meaning that the possible features of the new release have already been decided. Recalling that it would be irresponsible to say that all these changes would be present in Blender 2.81, after all during development a lot can change and problematic resources can be abandoned. However, so far developers have developed this list:

  • New carving tools, poly construction tool, voxel remesh and quad remesh;
  • Transform origins, new docking, mirroring and auto merge options;
  • New text shaders, OpenImageDenoise denoising and NVIDIA RTX support;
  • Shadows, transparency, and boss mapping, redesigned for easier, better quality configuration;
  • New Options for Appearance Development with Cycles and Eevee;
  • A new system for replacing proxies, for making local substitutions for linked characters and other data types;
  • More precise control over rotation and scaling of bones, constraints and drivers;
  • Outliner improvements, new file browser and batch renaming;
  • Many improvements in Grease Pencil;
  • And much more.

If you like to try out the latest news from Blender, download the nightly builds an option. If you find any faults, feel free to contribute reporting bugs and assisting in the development of Blender.

Blender 2.81 is quite new on the way, reinforcing that if at the end of bcon3 or even bcon2, the project coordinators decide to abandon such features or leave it to another version, so I will.

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