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Blame – Horror game for Linux with a hidden story.

A mysterious game that will plunge you into a dark world

Blame an Indie game that is still in beta development and closely resembles the already established Amnesia and Gloom But unlike these games, Blame has a hidden story, partly because the game is not yet so famous and few people have played it, partly because the developer gives little details about it. Blame

Psychological Terror

The fact that it has a hidden storyline makes the game even more tense for those who play games, such games are very successful in the gamer world, and many of them are inspired by movies such as The Exorcist He is a classic of psychological terror. Even as the Diolinux also culture, see a rarity, the 1973 Exorcist trailer.

Returning to the game, Blame ( Fault and portugus) a game beyond mysterious, I played … and died and I can affirm the quality of it, although it is still a beta the game has a quality, a differential so to speak.

blame-game-indie Although I remember a little the Slender at times especially because it's done in Unity, but as the game progresses it will move a little further away from the "Slender Style" and get closer to Penumbra, where you need to find some items, like batteries so your flashlight won't run out. and medicines to keep you healthy.

The game will get you used to a lull, all very quiet and quiet, some strange things and shapes will come and go just to increase the tension, and then something attacks you, to know what you have to play.

And the story? Well, history is a mystery, really! In the Indie games forums there are not many clues, but playing you will find some cards and items that will explain a little better where you are and what is going on.

Unity 3D Engine Blame Bathroom
J goes the saying: "in the bathroom that shit!"

Simple gameplay, mouse and W, A, S and D keys control your character through a very dark place, you must solve some puzzles as well, according to the developers, Blame has alternate endings according to what you do. In the game, you can simply complete your quest and reset the game or you can go exploring the dark rooms and find items that will release some new features of your campaign, what features? Good question!

According to the developers too, if you devote more time to the game and find the clues to unraveling the story you will understand Blame a little better, since it is possible to clear the same without understanding almost anything of the story.

Worth playing

I've had some mini-infarcts playing and recommend, but as I did not zero the game I can not say if the satisfactory end etc, which is somehow good, after all one of his great assets may be precisely his lack of information, you can go discovering everything and then give me some tips! and surprising every open door.

Blame Download

Cross platform and free blame, developed by Casey Venn, and can be downloaded from the link below, remembering that it is still beta and may contain some flaws: Want to stay on top of everything that happens here?