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Black Friday: See which companies have the most complaints | E-commerce

With Black Friday approaching next Friday (29), Reclame Aqui released a compilation of the most recurring complaints from the discount event. The company has been monitoring consumer complaints since 2013, when the third edition of the campaign took place in the country. The survey brings the history of major problems faced over the years, as well as the stores with the largest number of records on the site. Consumers mainly complain about price divergence between announced and final, problems in closing and misleading advertising.

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Complain Here discloses list of companies with most complaints in Black Friday history Photo: Reproduction / Luana IvoryComplain Here discloses list of companies with most complaints in Black Friday history Photo: Reproduction / Luana Ivory

Complain Here discloses list of companies with most complaints in Black Friday history Photo: Reproduction / Luana Ivory

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The 2018 report expanded collection and reached 5,607 records, pulled by Americanas, Casas Bahia and Netshoes. Despite the volume of more than 3,500 complaints in 2017, the movement is seen as a consequence of greater consumer demand for storeowners' history. Already in 2016, the still smaller number of 2.9 thousand was seen as a result of the reduced daily adhesion of offers generally due to the economic crisis.

According to the Complain Here, the Brazilian bought less and researched more in 2015, which is why the number of complaints would have been 4.4 thousand, despite the good retail results that year. The amount was almost a third of the previous year, when 12,000 complaints were filed. Technical issues, price makeup, and cart product summary, as well as payment errors were some of the most common.

In 2013, at the third edition of Black Friday in Brazil, consumers protested a lot, although the event did not have much public acceptance. In the first monitoring of Complain Here, the site counted 8.5 thousand records during the 24 hours of offer.

Here's a list of companies that have had the most complaints during these years. It is noteworthy that larger stores usually have a larger number of complaints, because they also sell more.

  • Americanas (online store): 306
  • Casas Bahia (online store): 247
  • Netshoes: 160
  • Magazine Luiza (online store): 152
  • iFood: 146
  • Cold Point (online store): 135
  • Carrefour (online store): 119
  • Americanas Marketplace: 99
  • 91
  • Submarine: 90
  • Magazine Luiza (online store): 263
  • Americanas (online store): 245
  • KaBuM !: 173
  • Casas Bahia (online store): 126
  • Submarine: 124
  • Netshoes: 88
  • (online store): 87
  • Walmart (online store): 77
  • Burguer King: 73
  • American Marketplace: 54
  • KaBuM !: 588
  • Americanas (online store): 249
  • Submarine: 149
  • Netshoes: 117
  • Magazine Luiza (online store): 100
  • 89
  • Walmart (online store): 83
  • Fast Shop: 62
  • Ponto Frio (online store): 58
  • Casas Bahia (online store): 56
  • KaBuM !: 688
  • Americanas (online store): 431
  • Submarine: 376
  • Netshoes: 155
  • Magazine Luiza (online store): 143
  • 137
  • Ponto Frio (online store): 128
  • Casas Bahia (online store): 121
  • Walmart (online store): 113
  • Shoptime: 110
  • Americanas (Online Store): 1219
  • Submarine: 1095
  • Saraiva (bookstore, publisher, and webshop): 682
  • Shoptime: 233
  • KaBuM !: 197
  • NetShoes: 188
  • 158
  • Magazine Luiza (Online Store, Website and Telesales): 139
  • WalMart (Online Store): 137
  • Nescafe Dolce Gusto: 77
  • 530
  • Submarine: 426
  • Ponto Frio (Webshop): 363
  • Americanas (Online Store): 262
  • Casas Bahia (virtual store): 166

Avoiding Store Issues During Black Friday 2019

The most recurring complaints in Complain Here indicate that careful pricing is essential to escape Black Friday trouble. One of the precautions is to make a wish list in advance and monitor values ​​in comparators like Compare TechTudo, Zoom and Buscap. It is also important to escape from the stores considered prohibited by Procon and check if a real site before buying, without forgetting not to save the credit card and avoid billet.

Confirming the existence of a promotion on the verified store social networks is also a way to circumvent fraud. The necessary action is mainly when it comes to WhatsApp: as the recurring target scam messenger, avoid clicking links in the chat and choose to access the official website manually.

Black Friday: Five Tips for Safe Shopping

Black Friday: Five Tips for Safe Shopping