Black Friday promotions on the App Stores: another hundred dollars in discounts! [atualizado: mais ofertas!]

Black Friday offers on the App Store: over $ 300 in discounts!

Unlike the last few years, we will start our selection of offers from sexta-feira Negra the day before, for you to enjoy! As it is an article that can be updated due to the appearance of new offers, we recommend visiting it again over the next two days.

Ready? So come on! ⌚ 📱 💻 🖥

Flexibits logo

Fantastical app icon - Calendar & Tasks

One of the best calendars available for your iPhone.

Sorry, app not found.

Ditto, in verse for iPad.

Fantastical app icon - Calendar & Tasks

Same, now for Mac.

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Readdle Logo

Readdle Calendars 5 app icon

Another great calendar manager.

Scanner Pro app icon


Readdle Printer Pro app icon

Utility for printing.

PDF Expert 7 app icon: edit PDF

Utility for PDFs.

PDF Expert app icon - Edit PDFs

Ditto, in verse for Mac.

Readdle PDF Converter app icon

Document converter.

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IOS Apps

Money Pro app icon: Personal Finance

Financial manager.

Scythe app icon

Musical synthesizer.

Hydra app icon ›Amazing Photography

Your photos even better.

Sorry, app not found.

Scanner, OCR and more.

Carbo app icon ›Notes & Sketches

Manuscript for the 21st century.

Pixelmator app icon

great image editor.

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Games for iOS

Mini Metro app icon

One of my favorite strategy games.

Street Fighter IV CE app icon

Fighting game.

Deus Ex GO app icon


Hitman GO app icon

Same as the previous one.

Lara Croft GO app icon

Ditto the previous one, in Lara Croft verse.

Demon's Rise 2: Lords of Chaos app icon

RPG game.

Sorry, app not found.

Game of the Infinity Blade franchise.

Sorry, app not found.

Same as the previous one.

Sorry, app not found.

last game in the franchise.

F1 2016 app icon

F1 simulator.

Sorry, app not found.

High impact game.

Strike Team Hydra app icon

Command an elite squadron.

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders app icon

A mix of classics.

Pandemic: The Board Game app icon

Board game.

Surgeon Simulator app icon

You are a crazy surgeon.

I am Bread app icon

The challenge of being a bread.

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MacOS apps

Pixelmator app icon

great image editor.

Prizmo 4 app icon

Utility for OCR.

Hydra app icon - Beautiful HDR images

Utility for images.

2Do app icon

Task list.

Games for macOS

Sorry, app not found.

RPG style game.

Sorry, app not found.

War game.

RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3 app icon

Grow your empire of theme parks and prosper.

The Sims ™ 2: Super Collection app icon


Machinarium app icon

Independent game.

SimCity ™: Complete Edition app icon

Manage your city.

SimCity ™ 4 Deluxe Edition app icon

Same as the previous one, in another version.

Civilization® V app icon

Thrive your civilization.

Civilization® VI app icon

Same as the previous one.

Sorry, app not found.

Star Wars franchise game.

Tomb Raider app icon

Play with Lara Croft.

Sorry, app not found.

Stops an alien invasion.

Sorry, app not found.

The most famous porcupine of the games.

Sorry, app not found.

One more classic.

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Take advantage of the offers remembering that, even in sexta-feira Negra, they can be for a very limited time, so good to run! 😃