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With Black Friday coming up (event takes place on November 23), the website Reclame Aqui surveyed the companies that received the most complaints in recent years during this period, in addition to the most common complaints among users. From 2012 to 2017, more than 39 thousand complaints about purchases made on the special promotions day were registered.

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According to the data, in 2017, the most problematic store was Magazine Luiza, while in 2016 and 2015 KaBuM! led the ranking. It is worth noting that the stores with the most complaints are among the most famous in the country, so they receive thousands of visits during the event.

Black Friday: five tips for buying safely

Black Friday: five tips for buying safely

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Last year, during the 24 hours of offers, there were 3,500 complaints on the site. The main reasons reported by consumers were misleading advertising, problems in finalizing the purchase and differences in values. At the top of the list, Magazine Luiza's online store was the target of 263 complaints, followed by Americanas, with 245, and KaBuM !, with 173.

J on Black Friday 2016, the Brazilian was more cautious when shopping. Reclame Aqui received 2,900 complaints. The three most cited reasons were the same: misleading advertising, diverging values ‚Äč‚Äčand difficulties in completing the operation. KaBuM !, the company with the highest volume of complaints that year, closed the day with 588 complaints, well ahead of the second place, Americanas, which had 249 records. And, in the third position, Submarino had 149.

The year 2015 reached 4,400 complaints, a higher amount than in 2016 and 2017, but still had a drop in relation to the numbers of previous years. Once again, misleading advertising, dispute of values ‚Äč‚Äčand failures when closing the purchase were the most recurring problems. Most claimed store, KaBuM! received 688 complaints. Then, as in 2016, Americanas (431) and Submarino (376) came.

Check below the rankings of the ten companies with the most complaints on Black Friday in each of the last three years and the respective number of records.

  • Magazine Luiza (online store) – 263
  • Americanas (online store) – 245
  • Kaboom! – 173
  • Casas Bahia (online store) – 126
  • Submarine – 124
  • Netshoes – 88
  • – 87
  • Walmart (online store) – 77
  • Burger King – 73
  • Americanas marketplace – 54
  • Kaboom! – 588
  • Americanas (online store) – 249
  • Submarine – 149
  • Netshoes – 117
  • Magazine Luiza (online store) – 100
  • – 89
  • Walmart (online store) – 83
  • Fast Shop – 62
  • Ponto Frio (online store) – 58
  • Casas Bahia (online store) – 56
  • Kaboom! – 688
  • Americanas (online store) – 431
  • Submarine – 376
  • Netshoes – 155
  • Magazine Luiza (online store) – 143
  • – 137
  • Ponto Frio (online store) – 128
  • Casas Bahia (online store) – 121
  • Walmart (online store) – 113
  • Shoptime – 110

you need to be wary of overly tempting promotions over the internet that can hide scams. Thus, other important lists to prevent on Black Friday are released by Procon-SP (, Ebit ( and Buscap ( The institutions renounce the sites recognized for fraud, such as the use of fake pages, the sale of nonexistent products and the theft of credit card data. It is worth making an appointment before making a purchase in an unknown e-commerce.

Sites with HTTPS protocol are more secure Photo: Divulgao / GoogleSites with HTTPS protocol are more secure Photo: Divulgao / Google

Sites with HTTPS protocol are more secure Photo: Divulgao / Google

Users can also take some precautionary measures to escape 'Black Fraud'. Make sure the connection is secure: "https" (not just "http") and a colored padlock or certificate in the address bar indicate that there is encryption in the connection. Be wary if payment is not offered via credit card, but only bank slip, as this is a simpler way for criminals to apply scams.

Use social media to check the reliability of a store. Verified pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a large number of followers, good comments and evaluations can be positive indications. On the other hand, be on the lookout for suspicious links propagated by networks, by email or WhatsApp. If in doubt, do a search and ask who posted or sent it, if it is a friend.

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Black Friday: five tips for buying safely

Black Friday: five tips for buying safely