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Bitdefender Mobile Security: Advantages and Disadvantages

Smartphones in our lives contain more information than the work or home computer itself, because that is where many issues are resolved, whether personal, career, and so on.

Want to know which ones are best suited to protect your Android device? See here the most suitable. But first, read here complete information about Bitdefender Mobile Security, how it works, indications and cautions.

Bitdefender Mobile Security: Top Impressions

Bitdefender Mobile Security: Advantages and Disadvantages

An application that can be used to protect tablets, iPads and other types of devices with internet access, Bitdefender rids the device of viruses, malware, spyware, trojans and any existing threats.

The internet is often a non-owner environment, so it is necessary to protect yourself against hacking and people with bad intentions in front of your information.

Appearance and layout

Considered beautiful and practical, the app's appearance was made so that anyone, regardless of cyber knowledge, could be able to masterfully use the app.


When downloading the application, the user has access to only two functions, which are essential: the virus scanner and the application scanner.

The first is necessary for those people who want to avoid unexpected intruders, because it keeps scanning the device even when other applications are being installed.

That is, if its origin is not very reliable, you will probably be notified by the application.

The second option prevents applications from working suspiciously on your device, for example by using your data illegally or sharing inappropriate information.

The application has the Premium plan, where there is the "Web Security", where the device is unable to navigate suspicious sites. In addition there is a possibility to locate your device in case of theft or loss.

Not to mention that there is still the Anti-Theft System, where it is possible to lock the device and delete all information contained there from possible suspicious users.

The device is small in size, which will not impair the operation of the device. You need to be connected to wifi or via mobile devices to keep it working.

Account Creation

When you create your Bitdefender account, you automatically have a quick backup of everything on your device. The information is stored in your cloud, ie when you switch devices it will be stored there as well.

Protection against intruders

Bitdefender Mobile Security: Advantages and Disadvantages

Another interesting tool of the application is that when someone tries to unlock your device and does not succeed, automatically taken a front photo, where in some cases it is possible to identify who.

This can be enabled via SMS. Several tests were promoted through the use of Bitdefender to test its protection efficiency, and in all, it was approved.


  • 15 days trial of paid version;
  • Does not influence the functioning of the appliance;
  • Simple interface;
  • Protect from suspicious applications


  • The device has Portuguese errors;
  • To have more tools you need to pay the premium version, which costs around 30 reais per month.