Bioshock Infinite deve chegar ao Linux

Bioshock Infinite should come to Linux! LoL

Then, "my fingers laugh" when I write this news, because my friends, it seems that another AAA super game should be coming to Linux soon, let's go to the rest of the article that I explain you better.

Bioshock Infinite should reach Linux

Bioshock Infinite on Linux, I think so huh!

There are certain sites you visit from time to time that can make you happy, I sincerely hope that Diolinux visits you often, one of these sites in my case is SteamDB, It is a website that shows the game files that are uploaded to Valve's servers, including information such as the operating system. Bioshock Infinite for Linux

As we can see in the green part apparently a version for Linux should arrive soon, I confess I made a silly face (as if I didn't already) when I saw this, like this one below:

Well, well, I hope you got as excited as I do, while we wait for the version to actually come out, how about enjoying the game trailer? s play below:

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