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Bill Gates reveals the trait of Steve Jobs that he envied most: the oratory

bill Gates one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. The company he created was one of the largest on the planet, and at this time has a higher market value than Apple, its (once) main competitor. In many ways, you can tell he can have it all, but when it comes to his old friend and rival Steve JobsGates admits to being jealous of at least one aspect.

In a recent interview with Wall street journal, the Microsoft co-founder always claimed to envy the oratry of Jobs and his ability to get people talking about anything from the most important to the most banal. Gates said the following:

Steve Jobs has always had a more natural gift for this (public speaking). He could talk about anything, including NeXT Computer, which wasn't such a good machine, yet completely mesmerize the people in the auditorium. I wanted to be magical that way, because I advocate causes that in some ways are more impactful and I need to make sure they won't be ignored.

Gates was, of course, referring to his philanthropic and world-wide initiatives by the foundation created by him and his wife, Melinda (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). He said that over the years, he has improved his ability to express himself and solve problems through speech, but he is still far from what Jobs once was.

The Microsoft co-founder's interview focused on the upcoming release of the documentary. Inside Bill’s Brain, which will debut on Netflix next 20th.

The production, divided into three chapters, will bridge the gap between Gates's personal life, his years at Microsoft and his philanthropic work.

Jeffrey Epstein

In conversation with the WSJ, the executive also touched on a thorny issue: the relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, the American financier billionaire who was arrested for sustaining a massive sex trafficking scheme and was found dead in his cell last month. According to Gates, his connections with Epstein were merely circumstantial:

I met him a few times, but had no friendship or business relationship with him. () People around him said, "Hey, if you want to raise a lot of money for the causes of global health and gather more philanthropists, he knows a lot of rich people."

Very well then.