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Bill Gates Matches Steve Jobs Talent with “Magic”

The 2000s were marked in the technology world by rivalry between Apple and Microsoft (which still exists today, but less intensely). Many will even remember the feud that was preached between the co-founder of Ma, Steve Jobs, and the creator of the Redmond giant, bill Gates Which was just silly, after all, the former Microsoft director never failed to admit his admiration for Apple.

Gates recently talked about Jobs (and Apple) in an interview with CNNin which he once again praised Ma's former CEO's ability to transform a company that was “on its way to death” into one of the most valuable companies in the world. In this regard, he compared Jobs's talent to “spells” as reported by Bloomberg.

It was as if I were a minor wizard who saw him (Steve Jobs) cast spells that mesmerized people; but as I am a minor wizard, the spells did not work on me.

Gates also discussed Jobs's power to understand, almost instinctively, when a person or product was good enough to invest in them.

I have not met anyone who could rival Jobs in terms of choosing talent, hypermotivating that talent, and having a design sense to the point of saying “this (the product) is good. This is not.

To prove that the alleged competition between him and Jobs was nothing more than market-driven talk, Gates said he was able to “take some incredibly positive things” out of the competition between Apple and Microsoft. In addition, the executive said it is easy for people to "reproduce the bad parts of Jobs" without actually knowing him.

Even after Jobs's death in 2011, Microsoft tycoon continued to extol some of Apple's contributions to the world, such as when Cupertino's giant introduced Apple Pay in 2014, which Gates said was a “ fantastic idea. ”