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Bill Gates laments Microsoft for not being Apple's mobile rival

In 2007, at the launch of the first iPhone, many may recall the laughter that Microsoft's then CEO Steve Ballmer had about the device. At the time, of course, Microsoft had its presence in the nascent mobile market, and the existing Android (bought by Google in 2005) had nothing to do with what became a post-iPhone.

More than 12 years past, today bill Gates which is still on Microsoft's board very much regrets the fact that Microsoft has made room for Google to become Apple's big rival in the mobile world.

In an interview given during a Village Global event, he stated:

In the software world, especially for platforms, these are markets where the winner gets everything. So the biggest mistake was any decision made by me that made Microsoft not to be what Android. That is, Android is the non-Apple standard platform for phones. This was natural for Microsoft to win. () Is there room for exactly a non-Apple operating system and what is it worth? Some $ 400 billion that would be transferred from company G to company M.

To those interested, here's the full interview:

The above part starts at 11'42 ”.

Gates takes to himself (or part of) responsibility for the mistake, but the great truth that the batter at the time was in Ballmer's hands. The iconic laugh of this post-iPhone announcement clearly shows how much he did not understand the potential of the thing.

Most amazing of all, even with its defeat among mobile platforms, Microsoft has managed to take a strong turn in all the other segments in which it operates and has recently taken over the most valuable company on the planet. It is worth today $ 1.06 rail.

Can you imagine a parallel universe in which Microsoft had bought Android, not Google? 🧐

via The Verge