BIC launches disposable mobile phone

After pens, lighters and razors, BIC now launches a mobile phone.

The BIC phone is now available on the French market in partnership with Orange and costs 49 euros.

Far from being a high-end device, the phone is ready to use, with a charged battery, SIM card included in the slot and 60 minutes free in conversations to be spent in the first two months after activating the device, which must be done with the Orange.

In BIC phone, only basic functions are privileged, namely voice calls and SMS sending and receiving.

The telephone number will be valid for one year from the moment the registration is made with the operator.

For those visiting France in the near future, finding a BIC phone will not be difficult.

The mobile phone is displayed in most large commercial areas and convenience stores, in the displays next to the cash registers, as well as in tobacconists, newsstands, service stations and airports.

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