[BGS 2015] Lumen and Planetoid Pioneers

[BGS 2015] Lumen e Planetoid Pioneers

Check out two more national games that will be at Brasil Game Show 2015: Lumen and Planetoid Pioneers!

Continuing our series indie of Brasil Game Show 2015 we will present two more national games:

Lumen is a platform game developed in 2D by Requiém Studios.

The company believes that the Brasil Game Show is a great opportunity for developers:

BGS will be a great opportunity to understand the market, our consumers, make our presentation at the beginning of this journey and show Lumen a platform game entirely made in 2D ”, says Alessandro Nascimento, director, game designer and screenwriter for the company.

Data Realms is an American game development studio. The company will bring the game to BGS 2015 Planetoid Pionners developed for PC. Planetoid is an action game created in 2D inspired by classics from the 80’s.

Game history: you are trapped in an asteroid after your spaceship explodes and if it weren’t enough you will still have to fight aliens, but don’t despair you can create your own vehicles, weapons, items, creatures through the game editor (of course you have to collect the items needed by the scenario). You can also make friends with aliens and play with three more friends locally. The game’s multiplayer has yet to be confirmed.

Planetoid Pionners is scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2016.