McGraw-Hill CEO "confirms" exclusive content agreement with Apple and which tablet will run the iPhone OS

BGR says Apple 7-inch tablet will arrive in January, “100% sure” [atualizado]

There is not much to run on: when rumors about a particular launch pop up all the time bringing related information, because the thing is hot. But what Boy Genius Report did today was quite bold: the website does not corroborate a rumor yesterday about the arrival of iTablet in January, as it states with "100% certainty" that it will be launched with a 7 inch screen.

ITablet MockupITablet Mockup

THE BGR It is a very well-regarded website, and risking credibility is certainly justified by information from hot sources. The publication does not rule out a larger 10-inch model, but does not believe that both will be launched simultaneously.

Apparently, the month that comes to be very busy in the world of Apple.


It's the Silicon Alley Insider has just added fuel to the fire: according to its own sources, Apple will even demonstrate its iTablet in January, but the product will not be available immediately. That's because Ma needs to give developers time to prepare applications for the new product.

According to LEAVES, some developers closest to Cupertino have already been communicated to prepare apps for a demonstration next month. “While the apps run at full resolution instead of the fixed 320 × 480 pixels, they should run smoothly, ”says the source.