BGR confirms that new MacBooks Pro are coming and brings more details about them [atualizado]

After all the “confirmations” that popped up yesterday about the new MacBooks Pro, the BGR Now give your opinion on the subject confirming that the machines will start to be sold within the next two weeks, with the five SKUs previously disclosed.

MacBook Pro from the front

Here are the news mentioned by them:

  • I come with glass multi-touch trackpads even bigger than the current ones.
  • The entire line will have 8-16GB SSDs unique to the operating system, possibly to make MBPs “Instant-on” as the newly released MacBooks Air.
  • The basic models will continue to come with hard drives (in addition to the SSD mentioned above, a combo), but whoever wants to be able to configure the machine only with solid state drives.
  • The new laptops would be on average 230 grams lighter than those of today, perhaps due to a change in their construction material (Liquidmetal?) Or, who knows, if the rumors of the abandonment of optical drives will materialize in this generation.

Okay, guys. There is little left!

Update (s 22h22)

Remember what the MacRumors said, about the launch taking place next Thursday, 2/24? O AppleInsider now corroborates the information, citing people familiar with Apple's plans.

The arrival of the new MBPs will therefore coincide with Steve Jobs' 56th birthday.