Beyond a Steel Sky, a sequel to the 1994 classic, arrives at the Apple Arcade; service is offering another month free to some users

Beyond a Steel Sky, disponível no Apple Arcade

Today is Friday, and everyone already knows what it means – new in the Apple Arcade! Today, by the way, a huge novelty: the sequel to a 1994 classic that spent almost a decade in development and has just arrived on iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Macs from all over the world. I mean adventure Beyond a Steel Sky, gives Revolution Software.

The game is a sequence of Beneath to Steel Sky, adventure cyberpunk science fiction released for DOS and Amiga in 1994 (and which received a remastered version for iOS in 2009). Its development history is long: the first comments on a title sequence were already circulating in 2004, with the development actually starting in 2012. The game was then officially announced in March 2019 – with the signature of Charles Cecil and Dave Gibbons, creators of the original title.

Robert Foster will bring down the system. Beyond a Steel Sky, by @CharlesCecil with art direction by @ davegibbons90 – sequel to the cult classic Beneath a Steel Sky. Play now on Apple Arcade @RevSoftGames #BeyondaSteelSky

Now, at last, he is among us: Beyond a Steel Sky again follows the series’ protagonist, Robert Foster, back to the city of Union City – a utopia where everyone lives happily under the control of an artificial intelligence (apparently) of good – after years of absence. A brutal attack culminates in the kidnapping of a child, and Robert promises to bring him back; in the investigation, he must infiltrate the city’s underworld – discovering, in the process, that nothing is exactly what it seems.

Like Beneath a Steel Sky, the new game has a dramatic narrative with hints of humor; the protagonist’s missions have elements of puzzle and smarter non-playable characters, generated by artificial intelligence.

Beyond Steel Sky is now available on Apple Arcade – which, as you know, costs R $ 10 monthly – and has versions for iOS, tvOS and macOS. Have fun!

Another free month

Still on the subject of Apple Arcade, it seems that Apple is really trying to attract users to its game service: according to MacRumors, some users are receiving emails from the company inviting them to enjoy another free month of the platform.

We do not know whether the “mime” is global or limited to some countries (no one on the MacMagazine received the message, for example); what is known is that it is only being offered to (some?) users who have already used the free Apple Arcade month and canceled the service before the charges started.

The strategy makes sense: if someone used the free Apple Arcade month in the early days of the service, they will surely find a radically different environment now, with a much larger amount of games – and possibly sign up for the platform after they abandoned it months earlier.

Has anyone received the email?

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