Between a Macintosh Plus and an Athlon 64 X2 PC, which will be the fastest computer?

Comparison between Macintosh Plus and Athlon

Every year, computers are getting amazingly faster and with more and more powerful hardware. We talk about terabytes, gigahertz and we are glad when we hear the urban legend that one of the biggest names in the world of technology has already said that “640KB will be enough for everyone”.

But your computer was faster? Does it take less time to launch and open applications? The staff of HubPages answered these questions by taking the strangest test in the history of benchmarks: placed a Macintosh Plus running System 6.0.8 on a Motorola 68000 processor at 8MHz against an Athlon 64 X2 4800+ at 2.4GHz, running Windows XP Professional SP2.

Unfair comparison? See the results:

From the graphs above, it is already possible to imagine the complete result of the test: in tasks that concern pure and simple gross strength, but I realize that the user has the speed of a computer, the Mac + managed to do better than Athlon on 9 17 tests and in one of them, the non-boot, the Apple machine simply crushed the PC.

To those who are most bellicose, this is not a post about “Mac vs. PC ”, but about“ Present vs. Past ”: certainly a Mac running Snow Leopard would do as badly as Athlon. Who is "wrong" in this story (if you can classify it like that) the software.

Yes, the machines got faster. Yes, we have more gross outside. Only applications and operating systems have swelled as fast as hardware, making up for any performance gains. Worth it? Well, we have animations, transparency, smoothing fonts in sub pixels and eye candy to the limit of the soul (these things care when using a computer!), but we also have a lot of non-optimized code, useless functions and unnecessary processes that consume resources for nothing.

Perhaps it is time for the developer community to stop and think about it for a while: what is the use of processors capable of determining the trajectory of each grain of sand during a gale in the Sahara Desert, if the text editors of the future have everything to be heavier than Crysis at most?

I think anyone who likes to do benchmarks should repeat this experiment the HubPages with more machines. Who knows, maybe a movement will be created “No more hardware: I want lighter software!”

(tip from Rubens Cavalheiro)