Better than Tinder? Secrush finds match between people you know

Secrush is a Brazilian relationship app that allows ‘matches’ with your Facebook friends – since the app’s goal is to bring together people who know each other. The platform offers a more specific classification than that of Tinder. When you sign in with your Mark Zuckerberg social network account, Secrush displays the list of your friends who are using the service. From this point, the user can classify his contacts in four ways: » would leave », » would know better », » would be » and » without interest » – in this decreasing order of importance.

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Created by Rafael Hamoui, Alan Kovari and André Kurbet, the platform is available for phones with Android and iPhone (iOS). According to a spokesman, the app reached 10,000 users in its first month of operation.

1 of 1 Secrush app encourages » match » between Facebook friends – Photo: Gabrielle Lancellotti / dnetc

Secrush app encourages » match » between Facebook friends – Photo: Gabrielle Lancellotti / dnetc

After downloading the app, the user must set up their profile and set their preferences, photo and location. The profiles of your Facebook friends are displayed on the second screen. The next step is to choose the profile you are interested in and choose the four relationship options: » would be », » would know better », » would leave » or » without interest ».

The match only happens if both people choose the same option from those available. However, if each one chooses a different alternative, those who have shown greater interest will receive a message indicating the option of the other person.

Secrush has a feature similar to the function present in Tinder: the possibility of a «match». However, with your Facebook friends. That is, people you already know.

The app offers a more specific rating on the level of interest in a person. The sorting mechanics of profiles also differ from the famous flirting app. It is not enough to slide your finger on the screen – right or left – to approve or reject a profile, nor just click on the heart to give it a “like”.

Another difference is the layout of the user profiles found by the service. They are not displayed one by one, but in a photo album list – which gives a more general view of the suitors.

The developers guarantee that Secrush is anonymous. That is, if there is no minimum match, the person will not know of your interest.