Better Gmail for Google Chrome

 chrome-128If you use the Better Gmail add-on on Firefox you will love this new feature: now you can install the same add-on on Google Chrome and be even happier. Unlike Firefox, Chrome does not yet have an easy installation mode for add-ons, just follow the instructions below (Windows only).

To enable Scripting in Chrome

1. After installing Google Chrome (or have it installed), download and run the tool Google Chrome Channel Changer. Select the “Beta” option and click upgrade.

2. Go to the “Default” folder inside the Chrome folder. Below, the path you should find:

Windows XP:% userprofile% Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome User Data DefaultWindows Vista:% userprofile% AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default

3. After the folder is located, create a new directory called “User Script” inside the Default folder. This is where you will save Greasemonke scripts like Better Gmail.

4. Finally, edit the Google Chrome shortcut and add the path –enable-user-scripts to the destination address.

Script Installation

1. Download locally the Better Gmail for Chrome zip file.

2. Unzip the contents into the “User Scripts” folder created earlier in the instructions (2) above.

3. Just restart the browser to activate the new features.

Via: Lifehacker