Bethesda announces The Elder Scrolls: Blades for Android

Bethesda announces The Elder Scrolls: Blades for Android

This year, the role of mobile games at E3 is much greater than in other years. It already demonstrated EA on Friday by presenting at its conference a new delivery of the Command & Conquer saga for mobile devices, and now it goes in the same vein as Bethesda announcing a new iOS and Android exclusive delivery of The Elder Scrolls saga.

A great epic adapted for tactile devices

The game was presented by Todd Howard, Bethesda’s executive producer, at the live conference the company held. What we were presented with is a first-person RPG and action game with an amazing graphic aspect that could perfectly pass for a Skyrim, to give a comparison. By making gestures on the screen we can move the camera, although the movement from one point to another of the scene is done in an automated way. In many ways it resembles the Infinity Blade saga of ChAIR and Epic. Graphic muscles pumped to offer experiences with quality mechanics.

At the argument level, the game puts us in the shoes of one of the Blades (the swords), the spies of the empire who work in the shadows and serve as protectors of the current rain. For an undisclosed reason, we must go into exile, but when we return to our hometown we find it in rubble. Our task will be to rebuild it from the ashes and end whoever caused the tragedy.

The game can be played using both horizontal and vertical orientation, and most importantly, later will also arrive for PC (VR version included) and consoles, being able to synchronize our advances in different versions.

Game modes

Obviously it is not extracted from the full experience of what The Elder Scrolls is capable of offering, although the three game modes available try to simulate a deep progression based on the progressive overcoming of objectives:

Abyss mode is the bulk of the game, where we will have to carry out missions that will give us experience and equipment. The maps will be partly generated at random, with both indoor and outdoor dungeons. Although the movement is completely free, there will be a certain component of exploration when interacting with items scattered around the scene.

The arena will offer the PvP component of the set, being able to measure us against the characters of other real players. It remains to be seen whether such battles will be fought in real time or against ghosts controlled by AI.

Lastly, the city will serve as a HUB that will interconnect the rest of the modes, where we will receive missions, buy objects and will advance through the plot of the Abyss mode. In addition, we will be able to improve the different trades and buildings in the game to expand and improve its service offerings.

The game is not available yet, but its pre-registration has already been opened through Google Play.