Betas 3 of iOS 10, watchOS 3 and tvOS 10 are now available! [atualizado 2x: macOS 10.12 beta 3]

As expected, almost two weeks after the release of the second versions, Apple today released the third beta versions of the new operating systems presented at WWDC 2016 interestingly, the macOS Sierra stayed out.

Apple product family

Anyone who wants to can download the iOS 10 beta 3 (build 14A5309d), from watchOS 3 beta 3 (14S5290d) and the tvOS 10 beta 3 (14T5296d) by Apple Developer in the case of iOS, those who are already testing can make the update by the devices themselves.

The public beta version of iOS 10 should be released very soon (it usually comes out about 24 hours after the developer version).

Along with the operating systems, Apple also released the Xcode 8 beta 3 (8S174q) and the Apple TV Remote 1.0 beta 3 (1A144).

As always, some new features should be painted with these new releases. We, of course, will show everything here on the site! 😉

Update · 07/18/2016 s 17:50

With a little delay, it was time for the macOS 10.12 beta 3 (compilation 16A254g) to show up. Like iOS 10, anyone who is already testing previous versions of Sierra will be able to update from their device (in this case, from the update system built into the Mac App Store).

As in the case of iOS 10, a new public beta build of macOS Sierra will probably be available tomorrow.

Update II · 07/19/2016 s 15:37

Apple also released the Safari 10 beta 3 (compilation 11602.1.40.4) for developers to test what's new in Ma's browser on OS X Yosemite and El Capitan systems.

Safari icon on OS X Yosemite

The new version can be downloaded now by Apple Developer.

(via MacRumors)