Beta of Flash Player 10 adapted to smartphones

Taking another step towards creating symmetry between the Internet world on PC and mobile phone, Adobe will launch in October the beta version of Flash Player 10 for smartphones. In the list of supported platforms the big one missing is the iPhone OS.

Adobe said that this beta version will be available for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, Google’s Android, Palm OS and Nokia’s Symbian. Nvidia, Broadcom, Intel, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm are also optimizing Flash Player for their products.

This new version has already been distributed to some partners of the company, but programmers should have access to Flash Player 10 only closer to the end of the year.

With this integration in the smartphone platforms, users will be able to have access to a richer web experience, watching videos embedded in some sites that until now were not available through the browsers mobile phones.

A simplified version of Flash version 8, better known as Flash Lite, had already been integrated in some operating systems of smartphones, including Nokia’s Symbian.

Apparently Adobe has not yet been able to find a platform of understanding with Apple for the integration of Flash in the iPhone OS, although several company officials have already admitted that they would also like to adapt the technology to the iPhone’s operating system.