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best tips and tricks for your device

Galaxy S8 and S9: best tips and tricks for your device

Dolby Atmos

The Dolby Atmos system is present in the latest Samsung models, although it is disabled by default. It is quite simple to activate it, however, since it is accessible from the system’s quick shortcut center. Slide the notification bar with your finger and access the command center, swiping from right to left to access the second wave of shortcuts.

Activate Dolby Atmos and, if you want to configure the sound profile for a better experience, hold its icon for a few seconds until the profiles appear:

dolby atmos galaxy s9

Dolby Atmos system profiles for Galaxy S9 / © NextPit (screenshot)

Monitored Permissions

The Monitored Permissions system came with Android Oreo to the Galaxy S9 and S9 +, and it is an enhanced version of Android’s native app permissions. By going to the Device Maintenance menu, under System Settings, you will find this option and you can define the individual accesses for each application manually.

monitored permissions s9

Monitored Permissions System / © NextPit (screenshot)

Download new Emoji AR

The Emoji AR feature creates a design based on the user’s facial expressions via the front or rear camera of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +. The most interesting thing is that you can download masks from Disney characters or other brands or with different designs.

To do this, you will need to open the Galaxy App Store and click on the Sticker Store at the top of the store. Check the available options and download the one you like best and, automatically, the new mask will be added in the camera software along with the others.

emoji air galaxy s9

Disney AR Emoji / © NextPit (screenshot)

How to activate the «Edge Screen»

One of the best feature mix of Samsung’s Note and Edge series has been added to the original version of the Galaxy S8. The feature known as «Edge Screen» offers inheritances from the S Pen and dual-edge screen functions to the Galaxy S8, S9, S9 + and Galaxy S8 +. As both models have the curved sides of the display, you can use the side flap for quick access to applications, tasks, contacts and more.

By default, the Edge Screen is already activated in the new flagships, but if you have not activated it, go to Settings> Display> Edge Screen> activate.

edge galaxy s8 screen

The Edge Screen allows you to quickly access system resources / © NextPit (screenshot)

Use the «smart selection» function to create GIFs

The smart selection feature includes advanced screen capture functions. This allows you to create and cut square or round images, add notes or bookmarks, and immediately split or save them. In addition, videos can be converted and divided into animated GIFs using smart selection.

galaxy s8 gifs smart selection

Using the Smart Selection feature it is possible to make GIFS or screenshots / © NextPit (screenshot)

This is a great resource for improving social media posts or WhatsApp messages. First, find a video that you really want to use as a GIF – YouTube is always a good place to start. Then just follow these steps:

  • Slide your finger from the side tab of the Galaxy S8 to open the Edge Screen features and navigate to «Smart Selection» and select «Animation»;
  • Increase or decrease the area you want to capture in the GIF by resizing the checkbox;
  • Select «Record» while the video is playing and the tool should capture the video / GIF.

As the GIF is being recorded, a time counter and a file size indicator are visible. After that, you can edit the GIF by adding drawings, for example, but you won’t be able to cut it using the editing tool, unfortunately.

How to activate the blue light filter

The Blue Light Filter allows you to reduce eye strain by limiting the amount of blue light emitted by the screen. Incidentally, this is a feature that is already present in the Galaxy S line since the update for Android Nougat. To activate it is simple, access the quick shortcuts or Settings> Display> Blue Light Filter> activate filter. In the settings, it is still possible to customize the opacity and schedule the filter for certain times.

blue galaxy s8 filter

Rest your eyes from the brightness of your smartphone screen with the blue light filter / © NextPit (screenshot)

How to disable the «Always On» feature

With the integration of Android 7.0 Nougat with Samsung software, the Always On feature has become much more functional because, in addition to showing which notifications you received, when you double-click on them, we are taken directly to the message in question.

However, despite the low power consumption, many users do not use this feature, and since Always On is configured by default, I decided to share two tips about this feature. The first is how to disable it completely: to do so, go to Settings> Lock Screen and Security> Always On Display> Disable function.

Always on display galaxy s8

Configure Always On Display in a limited way / © NextPit (screenshot)

The second tip, which I use configured on my Galaxy S9, is to limit the feature between 7 am and 11 pm, because this way, at night, it doesn’t disturb my sleep. To change this, go to Settings> Lock & Security Screen> Always On Display> Disable the option: always show> Set schedule.

How to decrease screen time

Some time ago I wrote about one of the great secrets to save energy on your smartphone and this same tip applies to the Galaxy S8, S9, S9 + and S8 +. Limiting the time the screen remains on is an excellent method for increasing battery life. So, if you don’t work using your smartphone all the time, rethink the screen time you use. The default backlight duration setting for the Galaxy S8 can be 15 seconds.

You can adjust the timeout settings by going to Settings> Display> Backlight Duration> select 15 seconds.

galaxy s9 backlight

Screen time / © NextPit (screenshot)

How to control screen brightness

In conjunction with the tip above, take the opportunity to decrease the brightness of the device’s screen using the quick shortcut settings, as in dark environments you can further optimize your smartphone battery. First, make sure that automatic brightness is turned off, since everything related to brightness adjustment consumes a lot of battery. To do so, go to Settings> Display> Auto brightness> disable option.

From there, control the screen brightness from the quick shortcut bar. As simple as limiting the sleep mode and display brightness of your Galaxy S8, S9, S9 + or S8 + may seem, at the end of the day you will notice the difference between worrying about it and not.

brightness display galaxy s9 tips

Screen brightness / © NextPit (screenshot)

Optimize the battery using the «Performance Mode» function

The «Device Maintenance» feature, added to TouchWiz with the system update to Android 7.0 Nougat, is also offered on the Galaxy S8, S9, S9 + and S8 + and brings «Performance Modes» as a solution for saving energy . Samsung saw in the software a good alternative to save energy offering up to four performance modes:

  • Optimized (recommended) – This is the way the Galaxy S8 leaves the factory. It takes stock of battery life and screen resolution for everyday use. It can be used with up to three screen resolutions: HD + (1480 x 720), FullHD + (2220 x 1080), WQHD + (2960 x 1440). The energy savings will be directly related to the screen resolution;
  • Game – It improves the gaming experience by making games run more efficiently. It can also be used in the three resolutions mentioned in the optimized mode, but by default it is FHD +.
  • Entertainment – It configures music and videos for high quality sound (UHQ), improves images for maximum quality through the video enhancer. It can be used in the three resolution settings, but by default it uses WQHD +;
  • High performance – Utilizes the Galaxy S8’s full screen potential, maximum brightness and resolution.
galaxy s8 performance mode

Each performance mode has a power consumption profile / © NextPit (screenshot)

Suspend background apps

With Android Nougat, the option to suspend applications has now prevented them from using the battery when in the background. This means that these apps cannot receive updates or send notifications. However, this will happen when you open them again.

To do this, simply press and hold your finger on the app in question and, when opening the options box, choose «Suspend». This will put the app to sleep. But remember, to do this, of course, the app must be running in the background, otherwise the option will not appear.

suspend apps galaxy s8

It is possible to suspend energy and data consumption in the background / © NextPit (screenshot)

These are some of the tips and tricks for the Galaxy S8, S9, S9 + and S8 +. The tests were done with the Galaxy S9 running on Android Oreo. The video with the features of the new version you can watch in the player below: