Best solution to Apple TV market problem is to turn it into a TV, says analyst

Best solution to Apple TV market problem is to turn it into a TV, says analyst

It has been just over a month since Steve Jobs was interviewed at the Wall Street Journal and spoke for the first time after a long time in the TV market. One of the things that the Apple executive tried to explain about this in the interview was that his problem is offering a market strategy that attracts users more effectively, something that is currently difficult in several countries due to competition with pay-TV operators . Because they have more effective plans when subsidizing hardware for set-top boxes than companies like Apple and Netflix, they manage to defeat any chance of popularizing their products.

New Apple TV with iPhone OS?

There are different opinions on what the future holds for those who want to compete with content for TVs without necessarily being a cable operator. THE New York Times believes that Apple is planning to remodel its entire strategy in the sector with new software for the current Apple TV, but the maximum that this initiative would be able to gain momentum to continue in competition with set-top boxes common areas, in which Google has now also become a participant and is as doomed to failure as current companies with offerings in that market.

This does not necessarily mean that giving a new look to the current Apple TVs sold would not be interesting, especially if it were possible to base them on iOS, as some speculations have suggested in the past. But what makes this proposal even more ambitious is trying to develop a new hardware model in which the new software would have more capabilities, and many believe that this will actually come to market, based on the A4 platform that Apple has already integrated into its main gadgets. . The secret to its success, however, would not be in the technological side or in the vision of its creators, but in how to take it to the market.

While continuing to assemble set-top boxes not something that signals success for the future, an analyst at Piper Jaffray believes that Apple would leave that behind by creating its own TV capable of connecting to the web, with the same features as others we know on the market, but with the hardware and the software we have already seen successful on smartphones and tablets. Such a proposal to remodel the Apple TV seems to have more possibilities of attracting users than a simple box for ordinary televisions: anyone who still wanted this could at least take a Mac as a free gift.