Melhores sites para criar um blog: Top 10

Best sites to create a blog: Top 10

Currently, the need to make some extra income is something that almost everyone shares. Creating a blog and using affiliate marketing can be an excellent idea for this and therefore we have selected the best sites to create a blog!

Read on and find out where to create your own blog and start making money right now!

1. WordPress

If you want to create high quality sites and are willing to spend some time on it, WordPress is probably the best option. It has two versions, one free, accessed by and one paid, by www.WordPress.

In both, you will find many plugins and themes, which allow you to create websites without the help of a specialist in a professional and complete way, without complications. However, it is necessary to buy your own domain and subscribe to a hosting service. To see more, follow the link for paid or free.


2. Blogger

The oldest and possibly best known option on the list, Blogger still exists today and is quite good. It is particularly good for creating blogs and it belongs to Google, which brings certain benefits, mainly in account creation and hosting.

However, it is somewhat limiting and bad if you have plans to expand your blog or website in addition to initially. So, if you want something very concise and easy to use, but with several tools, this may be the best option. Follow the link to find out more information.

3. Nuvemshop

Another of the best sites to create a blog is Nuvemshop, ideal for creating websites and sales blogs. specialist for entrepreneurs of all sizes, being absolutely complete and perfect for anyone who wants to make online sales in their ecommerce.

It offers several expansion solutions and allows you to scale your business in a simplified way, with inventory management tools, automation and more, in addition to obviously letting your website stay as you wish. Click the link to get started.

4. Shopify

Another excellent platform for creating sales websites and blogs, Shopify is probably the best known in the industry. A great advantage is its integration with Facebook, which makes it much easier for those who want to create their store on one of the largest social networks. It is possible to transfer your entire inventory between platforms!

In addition, you will find a very large collection of store models, which adapt to any smartphone, marketing tools, sales campaigns and even sales optimization, making it ideal for anyone who wants to add a store to their blog. Know everything about him on the official website.

Shopify best sites to create a blog

5. Weebly

Anyone who wants to create websites without spending anything will like Weebly, which, although less well known than almost all other alternatives, is quite good. Ideal for those who do not understand anything about programming and do not want to have to learn to create the site, being very easy to use.

It is possible to create a personal blog with ease, in addition to almost any other category you want, using its various templates and settings to customize as you wish. It is also possible to manage your website through your Android smartphone or your iPhone. See more through the link!

6. Squarespace

Another of the best sites for creating a blog is Squarespace, excellent for creating sites and blogs. another that is specially designed for those who do not have experience or skills in web development and web design.

Its editor is very easy to use, just drag and drop elements to personalize. It is possible to choose from several models and templates to make your blog look like you, with optimization to work on any browser and smartphone. Go to the official website to see more!

7. Wix

To earn extra money from your work, Wix is ​​an excellent option, as it allows you to create complete websites completely free of charge. It offers you your own, customizable domain, in addition to having a free hosting service!

It may be somewhat limited, but you can create very elegant and complete blogs, more than 500 themes and templates, more than 250 applications, among other excellent options. It also has a paid version, which releases even more things. Check out more by clicking the link.

Wix best sites to create a blog

8. GoDaddy

Among the best sites to create a blog, we have GoDaddy, which was initially just a hosting tool. Currently, it has an excellent tool for creating websites and blogs, with a complete editor, an SEO Wizard that will help you climb in Google's rankings and more.

It is paid, but the plans are quite inexpensive and already include hosting, you only need to buy your domain. It doesn't have as many templates or much depth, but for those who want something simple, ideal. Go to the official website and check everything.

9. Webnode

Another really good alternative is Webnode, perfect for those who want to create websites and get them up and running extremely quickly. It has a bank of images and templates ready to create covers and banners and promises that users can create whatever they want in less than 5 minutes.

In addition, it offers many templates for personal websites, business websites and even e-commerce. It also gives all its users a completely free domain that includes webnode in the middle. See more by clicking the link.

10. Silex

Finally, we have Silex, an option very similar to to create websites and work from home with ease. It is completely free, it has no limitations, it offers a very simple website creation tool and much more. Unfortunately, basic programming knowledge is required to use it.

It is possible to carry out any edits you want with ease, using many free templates and templates. Better yet, free hosting for your users! Find out everything about this excellent platform on its official website.

Silex best sites to create a blog

And, what did you think of our list of the best sites to create a blog?

Leave your comments in the comments, saying if you already knew the platforms and if we helped you to create the website you wanted. Don't forget to check out our tips on choosing the right digital bank for you and how to make extra income on the internet!