Best performing McAfee 2009

يضيف McAfee الحماية إلى أجهزة متعددة في نفس الحل

McAfee announced the availability of the 2009 edition of the security range for the consumer market VirusScan Plus, Internet Security and Total Protection, whose characteristics it defines in the adjectives «instant, silent and complete».

According to the North American manufacturer, the products have a better level of response compared to previous editions, namely in the startup times of the PC, which are with 57% less impact, and in the startup time of Internet Explorer, eight per percent faster.

Other tasks that accelerated were the complete monitoring of the system (13% faster), the launch of the tool (20% faster), the summary for hibernation (25% faster) and the conversion of WAV files to MP3 (55% faster).

For the entry range, McAfee focused on improving the speed of threat analysis in the most frequently attacked computer areas, in a more simplified configuration and in the presentation of easier to understand security alerts.

Also focusing on speed of analysis and simplification of configuration, the 2009 version of Internet Security brings as a main novelties a tool anti-spam level and a feature added to the parental control, which allows to define profiles, based on age, so that the software automatically adjust content filtering levels for the most popular search engines.

The network monitoring feature is the main novelty of Total Protection 2008.

With this function the user is alerted whenever an intruder connects to his network.

Highlight for another feature, McAfee SiteAdviser, integrated in all suites, but also available for download free from the McAfee website, which tracks users in their navigation online and that issues color-coded notices about unsafe websites.

The three McAfee safety boxes are now available on the Portuguese market.

VirusScan Plus has a recommended retail price of 49.95 for up to three users, while McAfee Internet Security can be purchased for a PC for 59.95 euros and for up to three users for 69.95 euros.

Total Protection is available for up to three users for a recommended retail price of 79.95 euros.