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Best of the Year TechTudo 2019: security

TechTudo Best of the Year Award mengungkapkan aplikasi pemenang pada tahun 2019

THE TechTudo will announce, in December, the technology services that stood out in 2019. The Best of the Year TechTudo 2019 award will elect items of varied functions, from mobile applications to electronics, with the objective of making life easier for those who want to test some product launched this year, but does not know where to start. The evaluation, which will be carried out by a group of experts, is based on some criteria, according to each category. The winners will be revealed in December at TechTudo.

Best of the Year TechTudo 2019: website rewards highlights of the technology and games market

1 of 1 Best of the year TechTudo 2019 awards technology services – Photo: Arte / Allan Teixeira

Best of the year TechTudo 2019 awards technology services – Photo: Arte / Allan Teixeira

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The Security category chooses the best antivirus program for computers launched or updated in 2019. The software can provide several features, in addition to the basic search for malicious applications on the PC, and protect the user on a daily basis while surfing the Internet. The criteria applied to select the finalists in the category are:

  1. User feedbackUser reviews about antivirus. Does the program deliver what it promises?
  2. Number of downloadsIn addition to user feedback, the number of installations of the program is a good indicator to find out if it is of quality.
  3. ProtectionWhat cyber threats offer protection for antivirus? Nowadays different types of scams are applied on the Internet, so this criterion is important to obtain complete protection.
  4. Innovation / User solutionsWhat are the advantages of antivirus? This point considers the basic functions offered by all programs of the type, and focuses on the extra features of the software.
  5. Cost benefit It is common to prefer free software to save money, but sometimes it is worth spending to ensure online security. The cost-benefit ratio indicates whether the price paid for the antivirus is equivalent to the service delivered to the user.

In the Security category, there are five finalists. Next, find out more about the programs.

  1. Avast Antivirus performs virus analysis in the cloud and therefore works lightly. In addition to being available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, the program runs on Windows or macOS PCs.
  2. Bitdefender Romania’s service scans not only the machine, but also the user’s email for fraudulent messages or malicious attachments. The antivirus runs on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS systems.
  3. F-Secure The antivirus is available for Android or iOS phones, and for Windows or macOS PCs. F-secure scans cyber threats and even offers password management.
  4. Kaspersky Russian antivirus is available for Windows and macOS PCs, and Android or iPhone (iOS) phones. Among the services offered are parental control and protection of files, e-mails and Internet browsing.
  5. McAfee The American antivirus is available for Windows PCs and Android or iPhone phones, and offers several online security solutions.

To choose the highlights of each category, the Best of the Year TechTudo 2019 will have a group of technology experts. For the Security category, the evaluators will be:

  • Bruno MartinezFounder of Showmetech
  • Cesar Schaeffer Olhar Digital Reporter
  • Guilherme NevesPostgraduate Professor in Cyber ​​Security at UniCarioca
  • Igor Lopes BandNews tech columnist
  • Jacson BoeingAdrenaline co-founder and editor
  • Joyce Macedo PCWorld Brasil Publisher
  • Leo Müller TecMundo Editor
  • Paulo Henrique Montenegro Editor of Tudo Celular
  • Wellington ArrudaReporter at IT Forum 365