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O dnetc will promote for the first time an award to highlight the best mobile phones, apps, games and electronics in the market by 2019. Among the apps will be six categories, including delivery apps, music, travel, security, mobility, digital banking and the highlight in the year. The dnetc 2019 Best of the Year Award takes place in December, and will be evaluated by a select group of technology experts, which will be based on some criteria according to the category in question.

dnetc 2019 Best of the Year: Website Awards Highlights from Technology and Games Market

Best of the year dnetc 2019 Photo: Arte / Allan TeixeiraBest of the year dnetc 2019 Photo: Arte / Allan Teixeira

Best of the year dnetc 2019 Photo: Arte / Allan Teixeira

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Music apps often feature extensive catalogs, allowing you to listen to songs of various styles through free or paid plans, depending on the program. Android and iPhone (iOS) streaming apps bring different functions to users, and to elect the best of the year, our technology experts will meet the following criteria:

  1. User FeedbackUser reviews of apps, including reviews on Google Play Store and App Store stores.
  2. Number of DownloadsNumber of times apps have been downloaded from official Android and iPhone (iOS) stores.
  3. Sound qualityEvaluation of audio quality transmitted through apps, considering technical and practical aspects.
  4. Innovation / solutions for the userFeatures that stand out in each app, competitive differentials between them, as an option to share music on Instagram Stories or other social networks.
  5. Value for moneyIf the app delivers at a fair price, what it proposes, and if there are plans for discounts or for families.

There are five finalists in the music application category. Here's a little bit about each of the candidates.

  1. Apple musicApple Music, Apple's music platform, is no longer exclusive to iPhone (iOS) and is also available on Android, with a free trial option.
  2. DeeezerDeezer is a streaming application for Android and iPhone (iOS) and has a free plan and premium version, which can be tested for free for a month.
  3. SpotifyAlso with free and premium plan options, Spotify is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) and can be tested for free for three months.
  4. TidalTidal aims to offer high fidelity music in audio quality. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), the app offers a one month free trial.
  5. YouTube MusicYouTube's music streaming platform, YouTube Music is included in the premium version of the video site, with free one-month testing and apps for Android and iPhone (iOS).

dnetc 2019 Best of the Year will feature a select team of tech specialists who will pick out the highlights in a wide range of categories. In apps, reviewers will:

  • Bruno MartinezShowmetech Founder
  • Cesar SchaefferDigital Look Repreter
  • Igor LopesBandNews tech columnist
  • Jacson BoeingAdrenaline co-founder and editor
  • Joyce MacedoPCWorld Brasil Publisher
  • Nick EllisAuthor of Digital Drops and MeioBit
  • Paulo Henrique MontenegroCopywriter of Everything Mobile
  • Srgio MatsuuraReporter of the newspaper O Globo