Best of the week: check out the Ghost of Tsushima review and more highlights

Best of the week: check out the Ghost of Tsushima review and more highlights

Games announced on Ubisoft Forward, the strangest smartphones, the best movies and more! Check out the "best of the week" list of Showmetech highlights

From new Ubisoft ads to the weirdest smartphones in the world, this past week is packed with news and tips for you. Didn't you keep up with everything? No crisis! THE Showmetech publishes the best of the week, a list of the most read articles and the most watched videos of the week. This makes it even easier for you to stay on top of what were the main highlights.

Check below which were the most read and most watched videos of this last week on Showmetech.

Showmetech TRIO: See all games announced on Ubisoft Forward

The video that opens the list of the best of the week comments on the news announced during the event Ubisoft Forward, held last Sunday (12). Among the highlights that Ubisoft announced are Far Cry 6 and the release date of Assassins Creed Valhalla. Other games cited by the company at the event were: Brawhalla Mobile, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, Watch Dogs: Legion and HyperScape.

From Fortnite to Brawlhalla, check out 10 free PC games and consoles for fun in quarantine

Even if not many, there are excellent free games to liven up your quarantine. Brawlhalla, Warframe and Dauntless are some of the best free games today

Staying at home in quarantine is not an easy task. In addition to being mountainous, it gives us the feeling that we already consume all types of media in the world. Thinking about it, the Showmetech put together a list of 10 free games for you to enjoy this time at home and without hurting your pocket. It is important to note that this is not a ranked list, so the objective is to show you that in addition to the great successes of today, you can spend good hours in front of the small screen with some titles that you may not know – and it is worth giving an opportunity.

Free games: Watch Dogs 2 and Killing Floor 2 are the picks of the week for the PC

Ubisoft give Watch Dogs 2 during event Watch Dogs 2 is one of the free game options of the week.

Getting free games is always a very advantageous acquisition for PC players, especially when we talk about a big AAA, like Watch Dogs 2, and a beautiful multiplayer coop, like the violent Killing Floor 2. However, there are some specific ways to redeem these games, since the offer is for a limited time. In this matter, the Showmetech explains what you have to do to redeem the games for free.

Video: Meet the 10 strangest phones and smartphones in the world

In this video that made it to the best of the week, the Showmetech brought together the ten cell phones with the most different designs in history. The list even includes some giants in the market, such as Motorola and Samsung, who have tried to innovate with futuristic visuals, but were not well received by the market. If you already think that some smartphones today are too innovative, you probably haven't seen the devices on that list yet.

Best of the week: The 200 best films of all time Part 1

The 200 best films of all time 1 part of the list of 200 best films brings memorable stories and moments to keep forever

So that you don’t lose any success, the Showmetech selected the 200 best films of all time, with memorable stories and moments that you will keep forever. The list counts with the film's score on the three biggest internet critics services IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic and a brief synopsis. The titles are on streaming or digital rental platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, Google Play, HBO GO (or HBO Max), Disney + and others. To find out which one your favorite movie is in, a great tip is to use the Just Watch website.

Use your phone as a webcam simply and quickly on the PC

Using your phone as a webcam is a strategy that can save you time and money Turn your smartphone into a kind of webcam easier than it looks.

Many people wonder if it is possible to use the camera of the cell phone as a webcam, be it Android or iPhone (iOS). Due to the COVID-19 crisis, interpersonal dynamics, such as the presentation of classes, meetings and simple conversations between friends, started to be carried out mainly in a virtual way, via applications. Because of this, the use of cameras and webcams has become much more common, while their prices have also inflated. There are just a few ways to get around the situation, using some software, which turns your phone into a webcam. exactly what the Showmetech teaches you to do in this matter.

REVIEW: Ghost of Tsushima, the ultimate PlayStation 4 exclusive

The video that closes the best of the week brings a complete analysis of Ghost of Tsushima. After the incredible The Last of Us Part II, released in June this year, the game arrives on PlayStation 4 as the last exclusive for the console. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, which has the series InFamous in its curriculum, the game delivers a work with a lot of cultural content and an enviable technical excellence.

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