Best mechanical keyboards up to 500 reais (January 2020)

Best mechanical keyboards up to 500 reais (January 2020)

Best mechanical keyboards up to 500 reais (January 2020)

Post updated on 15/01/2020!

Looking for that keyboard upgrade but don't know what to choose? Here is a guide of the best options up to 500 reais to buy nationwide, without having to stress about long international shopping delays.

We will not only focus on keyboards at the price limit, we will also mention keyboards of 200, 300 and 400 reais for those looking for options in these price ranges.

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Keyboards up to 200 reais

In this price range, unfortunately there is not a wide variety of options on the national market, but fortunately the prices have been expensive enough to find real mechanical keyboards (no "semi-mechanical" bullshit) below 200.

Redragon Kumara K552

Our choice is up to the Redragon Kumara K552, with Outemu Brown Switches to not disturb anyone in the house or who is close to you while typing or playing. It loses some functions compared to the Gamdias Hermes E2, but its quality remains, the 18-month warranty also and the RMA rates of this keyboard are extremely low, giving us more confidence when it comes to recommending it.

Redragon Kumara K552 - Photo by Svio Coelho, PHE - High-End PeripheralsRedragon Kumara K552 – Photo by Svio Coelho, PHE – High-End Peripherals

Dark Avenger RGB

Another keyboard from Redragon, the Redragon Dark Avenger RGB, which costs only 10 reais more than the R $ 200 limit, but is very worthwhile. In addition to having switches of the new generation from Outemu, lighting completely in RGB, ABNT2 and keycaps in Double-shot, in cost x benefit is hard to beat.

You can check his full review, including his interns, at the link below:

Redragon Dark Avenger RGBRedragon Dark Avenger RGB

Gamdias Hermes E2

This keyboard has an excellent construction, even more being directly on sale. At the time of writing this paragraph, Hermes E2 is for R $ 129 at TerabyteShop, so if you are reading on the date the post was updated, hurry up!

Gamdias Hermes E2Gamdias Hermes E2

Keyboards up to 300 reais

Motospeed CK107 K96

The Motospeed CK107 K96 features Light Strike optical switches, in addition to double-shot keycaps and a minimalist look. It can be found in several stores and the lowest price practiced in it that I found was R $ 239, a great request for the quality and visuals that it delivers, apart from its great differential that are the switches that promise not to present problems that are common in mechanical switches.

Motospeed CK107 K96Motospeed CK107 K96

Motospeed CK99

The Motospeed CK99 is an alternative to the K96 look, it has basically the same level of construction and price, which was R $ 245. Same optical switches of good quality, same keycaps double-shot but with the option of white LEDs or azis and a much more "Gamer" look, if that is your preference.

Motospeed K99 - Photo by Svio Coelho, PHE - High-End PerifricosMotospeed K99 – Photo by Svio Coelho, PHE – High-End Perifricos

Sharkoon Skiller SGK3

This keyboard has Kailh switches and in three options, which already opens up the possibility of choosing switches according to your taste. The brand's switches had a good quality improvement, and today they are well recommended. The only doubt left on this keyboard are the keycaps, which we are not sure if they are Double-Shot or Laser, but still worth it for the price of R $ 270.

Sharkoon Skiller SGK3Sharkoon Skiller SGK3

Pichau P631K RGB

We also have one of the newest additions to the Brazilian market appearing at the beginning of the list. The P631K has RGB lighting, ABNT2 layout and uses Kailh switches, which alone makes it a very interesting keyboard. In addition, its low price, coming for only R $ 250 to our market. And the store to buy? I guess I don't have to say it, right? LOL

Pichau P631K RGBPichau P631K RGB

Keyboards up to 400 reais

MasterKeys Pro M RGB

Who was at the top of our list is the Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M RGB, a keyboard with an extremely useful and versatile format (darling of the editor) and an internal construction quality to envy some competitors. It was in the range of R $ 460, but had its price reduced and at the moment it is possible to find it for R $ 399 easily, at this price, there is nothing better.

Again the only weak point of the keyboard is its Laser keycaps, which we can hope for someday the bigger brands will adopt Double-shot.

Pichau P731

Together with the P631K, the brand also launched the P731 which would be its top-of-the-line keyboard. It has Cherry switches, in addition to the layout remaining in ABNT2 and Double-Shot keycaps, too bad they are not PBT, but it would be too much to ask for the price, which is R $ 350.

Pichau P731Pichau P731

FallenGear Ace Tournament (TKL)

Fallen Gear's new release, Ace, features Gateron switches available in Black, Red and Blue. We have a completely white keyboard, RGB, ABNT2 and Double-shot keycaps. The price? R $ 399, staying at the limit of this segment of the list, but still a great option.

Fallen Gear AceFallen Gear Ace

Corsair K63 Wireless

The Corsair K63 is a good alternative to MasterKeys Pro M, and the reasons are: it costs $ 50 less and works wirelessly. In addition, MasterKeys Pro M is superior and should be prioritized if possible.

Still, Cherry MX, Wireless, very good internal quality and a Corsair product, guarantee in general very quiet in case you have any problems with the peripheral, besides being very beautiful.

Corsair K63Corsair K63

Cooler Master CK550 RGB

The Cooler Master CK550 RGB features Gateron Red switches, RGB lighting and an appearance that mixes aspects of various keyboards, such as the K99, K96, Phantom Elite and K70.

Its keycaps are still made of ABS Laser plastic, but the rest of its quality maintains the standard Cooler Master quality, with the keyboard's strongest point being its extremely well-made PCB, as well as its almost perfect lighting. The switches are not Cherry, but Gateron, luckily we don't need to worry about that because the brand switches are of excellent quality and some users even prefer them to Cherry.

He was already on our list before, but his price dropped and can now be found in the range of R $ 370, being on the list of keyboards up to R $ 400.

Cooler Master CK550Cooler Master CK550

Keyboards up to 500 reais

Durgod V87

The Durgod V87 is the youngest kid cool, it was already well known outside for the excellent quality of construction and components as well as low price. It is true that the prices practiced here in Brazil were a little higher than what most of us would consider ideal, but still a great choice.

This model here features Cherry MX Brown, its removable cable and USB Type-C (!!!!!) and its keycaps are Double-shot PBT (Corsair? Cooler Master? Razer? Logitech?), Besides of course using a power supply It is much more beautiful than the vast majority of mechanical keyboards. Want quality? You can go without fear.

Durgod V87Durgod V87

Cooler Master CK530

The CK530 is basically the TKL version of the CK550, which we recommend just above. It also has the advantages of the CK550, such as RGB very well worked, very good internal construction and gateron switches.

The difference is really in size, where the CK530 does not have the Numpad, and the CK550 being the Full-Size keyboard. The CK530 can be found for around R $ 490, and even though it is about R $ 100 above the other version, it is still worth it.

Cooler Master CK530Cooler Master CK530

And so we ended our list of the best mechanical keyboards up to R $ 500 available for purchase in November 2019, and so you can plan to make the best purchases during the Black Friday offers, which takes place on November 28th.

And you? Do you have any recommendations to put on the list? Forgot something? Comment on!

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