Os melhores DRONES de 2019 - Veja nossos preferidos antes de comprar o seu

Best DRONES of 2019 – Check out our favorites before buying yours

Mavic Mini, Mavic Air, Mavic 2, Spark, FIMI X8 SE, Skydio 2, Autel EVO? We are at the end of the year and we can already define which the best drones of 2019, which were not necessarily released this year. In this article, I will compile my thoughts on the models we have tested and a few others that drew attention to their technical specifications. For those who checked the article I did for Black Friday, the scenario did not change much, since we did not have big news, but I will give some more chips. It is noteworthy that an article focusing on drones for traditional consumers with a focus on entertainment and video / photography is based on more popular models, as this market is on the rise with a number of options popping up.

I will start with the cheapest and consequently simpler drones. An initial consideration that almost all of them have gone through our newsroom – So I have more basis to defend the points I put in the text. I will also talk a little about models that are not sold here, but can be imported – it is important to remember that these ships must be taxed, and have compromised support.

I also remember that, in Brazil, the most common models are precisely the brand that dominates the world market: DJI. According to 2018 report, the company has 74% of the world drone market – Amazing numbers for any kind of segment. Taking it off the radar and focusing on consumer drones, Brazil is very needy, with competitors arriving only via imports and without national support. But we have other Chinese and American brands looking for space.


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NOTE: Price Search was done on 12/18/2019 via Google.

Cheap – Tello

Price Dec / 2019 – R $ 399 at Carrefour

Let's start with Tello, a drone that bears the DJI brand, but developed by a startup called Ryze. He is a DJI associate because he uses the company's flight technology, which was also involved in the project.

Tello has the profile of a (literally) toy drone, with a good focus on safety. Due to its small and light weight, the pilot can fly with him indoors without major dangers, especially when in conjunction with the propeller guards.

Tello a toy: interesting as a first drone, but without pretenses of high flights.

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He brings a 720p camera, some predefined flight modes and can be controlled by a smartphone or tabletIn addition to some joysticks with bluetooth technology. important to make it clear that he has no GPS system It is not a type of drone recommended for use in open areas – especially where it is very windy. In an ideal scenario, it can reach up to 100 meters awaywith flight autonomy of 13 minutes.

Tello can be a good gift for a child to get started in the drone world

However, developers may find some features interesting in it, as it has open code. That is, it supports the creation of custom designs.

I recommend this model only to anyone who wants something very simple and does not care what the drone is recording, since its camera is very limited, both in quality and stabilization system. Out of the country, a drone that was released for $ 99 and arrived in Brazil from R $ 500. Today, you can find it by slightly lower values.

Xiaomi MiTU

O Xiaomi MiTU a direct competitor of Tello. In this drone profile, there are a multitude of models and brands, but for support reasons and because they both cost about the same, my recommendation for Tello which turns out to be more interesting in the final package.

Intermediate price: Mavic Mini

Price Dec / 2019 – R $ 4,029 at Fly More Combo at Tecno Drones

Mavic Mini very attractive, but arrived more expensive than expected …

O Mavic Mini It's certainly among the best options on the market for those looking for their first slightly more turbocharged drone. The downside is that it only came with the Fly More combo ($ 499 at launch), which is more expensive than the basic pack. In the US, the price between the two packages rises by 25%, so it might be around $ 3,000 here.

The drone has become one of most attractive on the market today, Because it brings all the quality of DJI and a good combination of features in a product not so expensive – despite having arrived at a value higher than expected in Brazil, as I said. Some of them include a 2.7K 30fps video resolution camera or 1080p 60fps, at 12MP photos, flight range just under 30 minutes and control distance up to 4km – the same as the Mavic Air.

R $ 4,049 at Fly More Combo on FlyR $ 4,029 at Fly More Combo at Tecno Drones

O Mavic Mini was launched a few months ago for the value of US $ 399 internationally and arrived here in late November with Recommended price from $ 4049. It may be that some stores start making promotions for the end of the year, but from the conversations I've had with some manufacturers, that's not for sure. The justification: demand and lack of drones in the market.

Among the best options of 2019 for those looking for a good travel drone!

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The drone comes in its version "Fly More Combo" with battery and extra propellers, as well as other accessories.

Incidentally, anyone considering buying the Mavic Mini shouldn't think in comparing it with the Spark claiming the prices are alike – they are very different drones and the Mini much higher. The real comparison even for price positioning in Brazil with Mavic Air. In my opinion and for my use, the Mini has a more interesting final set, highlighting its considerably better flight range (almost 50% higher).

So does Mini beat Mavic Air?

The price of Mavic Air has increased a lot, which made the Mini more attractive

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Not quite. Mavic Air has some important features that the Mini doesn't have, like a 4K camera with RAW file support, sensors on the front and back, active track, more flight modes and live stream capability, but it's over Soaring in price.

When the Mavic Mini was released, the price difference between it and Air was $ 350 in the normal pack. Today, the Mini still costs $ 399 and Air jumped to $ 919 (DJI's website), which makes it harder to choose. In Brazil, it has also experienced a considerable increase, with the Fly More pack model costing on average over $ 6,000, which is 50% more than Mini's Fly More combo.

Best – Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro

Price Dec / 2019 – R $ 9,449 at Fly Pro

Mavic 2 line for those who want the best in the market

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Here we have what today every drone lover's dream of consumption. For photography enthusiasts, maybe the Mavic 2 Pro It's the best option, but without the camera both models are identical in technology – and there are those who prefer Zoom with its different lens for other types of scenes.

$ 9,449 for Zoom on Fly Pro$ 10,431 for the Pro on Fly Pro $ 11,219 on the Fly More Combo Zoom on Tecno DronesMavic 2 Zoom on AmazonMavic 2 Pro on Amazon

It is important to be clear that the Mavic 2 models, whether Zoom or Pro, have designs considerably ahead of the Mavic Air or Mavic Mini. Only they heavier and more robust drones, With a series of more advanced technologies – 10 sensors in all directions, for example, very important for safety.

Another interesting feature is that it also has safety relation to connection technology between control and drone via radio frequency, Which is much more stable than via a WiFi connection, including sending higher quality images to the screen attached to the controller.

Of course, just drones much more expensivebut we are talking about a product that the supreme juice of the segment, without competitors in the domestic market and suitable for those who seek the best for consumers.

S importing # 1 – Skydio 2

There are other models of very interesting drones in the international scenario and even here through some importers, so if you are out of the country or want another model very much, the way will be to buy from a site that sends to Brazil. However, consider that it is virtually certain that be taxed, besides being necessary to do the approval process to stay within the law. That said, we follow up with the article:

Skydio 2


Reservations for the second batch have already started and these ships will be shipped in January 2020.

The Skydio 2 drone arrived with everything this year, quickly becoming the dream of many riders interested in their autonomous flight system which promises to follow an object away from everything, even in very complex scenarios. His proposal focused precisely on the user profile that needs to turn around alone. With the drone in the air, just "run".

Even in places full of obstacles, he promises to turn around and find a way not to lose sight of you. But, as I said, for now, without foreseeing to arrive in Brazil in any other way than via importation – even internationally it will be very difficult to find this model in any store at this time. The estimated delivery to those who bought in Dec / 2019 in the US only in the second half of 2020. If he saw it sell in a store, would buy.

The drone that turns by itself, but with long delivery times

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Skydio 2 was launched in the US from $ 999 plus $ 150 per control, which is available in two different models. It is highlighted by a 4K 30fps camera and SoC Snapdragon 605 for the system, six 4K cameras in all directions with chip-managed calculations NVIDIA Tegra X2. On the other hand, two not so interesting points are associated with its flight range and range: only 23 minutes in the air and a maximum of 4km away (half of Mavic 2).

S importing # 2 – Autel EVO

The brand Autel Robotics It has also stood out for having drones with very good specs. It has the same concept as the Mavic line, with retractable landing gear, and other highlights include:

  • A camera that records 4K 60 FPS video with 100Mbps bitrate and takes 12MP photos with 1 / 2.8 "sensor;
  • Sensors in all directions, just like Mavic 2;
  • It reaches speeds of up to 72 km / h and 7km away with;
  • Flight autonomy up to 30 minutes according to the manufacturer.

Autel Robotics YouTube Channel

It is a drone that has received good reviews and costs $ 1,049 internationally. I also point out that the company is already working on its second version which, believe me, promises to bring a camera with 8K resolution and 35 minutes flight autonomy.

S importing # 3 – SwellPro Spry +

Another interesting model depending on the use and where it will fly the model Spry + by SwellPro, a company that develops drones with certified protection for water – no drops. I'm talking about protection at the level of landing and taking off in the water, like in a pool, lake or even sea.

This is a drone suitable for water sports filming

It is a model with a very specific purpose, but one that may be of interest to a user niche. As highlights we have its landing and takeoff in the water camera system 4K 30fps with 12MP sensor and water protected camera as well. The company does not highlight the specifications of the stabilization system, so I imagine it is 2 axes. It reaches up to 70km / h and has 17 minutes of flight range.

Another interesting point is that it supports FPV glasses, which can give even better control for sports filming.

SwellPro YouTube Channel

In short, this drone is suitable for shooting extreme water sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, etc. In an international scenario, it costs $ 999, but not sold here, arriving only via import so far.

FIMI – Good spec, BUT …

FIMI A3 and X8 SE

Price Dec / 2019 – R $ 3,850 for the X8 SE in the Free Market

FIMI is the division of Xiaomi for drones, action cams and gimbals. The Chinese company does a lot of this: it buys startups that excel in products that it is interested in to accelerate market entry or even internal reorganization. In the case of drones, Xiaomi even launched products with its brand – the models Mi drone and Mi Drone 4K They were very successful even in Brazil, even if only for imports – but recently left their products with the concept of the Mavic line (with retractable landing gear) for the FIMI brand.


It arrives in the same category and features head-on DJI Spark

The first was the model called FIMI A3, who arrived to compete with Spark. Then came the X8 SE which promised to be a kind of "Mavic Air Killer", with excellent specs and much lower advertised price (this in an international setting).

What draws the most attention in FIMI A3 an 1080p camera, 3-axis gimbal and 25-minute flight range. J o FIMI X8 SE have a camera 4K 30fps with 3 axis gimbal, flight range of 33 minutes and range up to 5km in the flight distance.

Good choice for price and specs – but I don't recommend it

& nsbp;

My problem with the FIMI X8 SE

I want to stress that I was able to make 2 flights before the problem I had with the FIMI X8 SE – this case is partially reported below. Comparing with DJI drones, his biggest problem is in response to the controls, which has a very annoying delay especially for those who have already flown with a DJI, and directly affects the flight experience. No use criticizing me for this – before flying with a Spark, Mini or Air, which have the same type of WiFi connection between the control and drone, make your criticism.

Another thing that bothered me a lot on the X8 SE was that the screen went black and showed video artifacts (distorted images) from time to time. Again, one thing I didn't see in the DJI models mentioned above.

Firmware that was supposed to improve "killed" the drone

Now the case I commented above.

We have a FIMI X8 SE in the newsroom, and I should have published a review of it some time ago, but what happened: the drone had a problem at the beginning, after a firmware update. I have tried a number of contacts with support and the only option I was given to send the drone back to the company (in China) at all costs. If it turns out that the problem was not caused by me, it will be fixed and the drone will be returned without maintenance costs – otherwise, it goes out of my pocket. PS .: The problem happened after a firmware update, so of course the error was not mine. In addition, there are a number of similar reports on the internet.


Some Xiaomi drone technologies are better, like 33-minute flight autonomy

Another small detail of why I gave up sending the drone, which when I bought via the Chinese online store, we paid a customs fee of $ 980 upon arrival here (something common for those who want to import a drone, but varying the amount of the fee). We didn't even begin the homologation process necessary for the ship to stay within the law and it stopped working.

The question : would any one incur the drone shipping process assuming shipping costs? Even if they solve the problem, there is a new chance of being resubmitted, needing to go through the whole process for release. My answer AT THE.

I have zero desire to do that because my experience with him is not worth the trouble. I will always make clear all the stressful process that FIMI support has offered, practically forcing me to drop the case and drop the drone, assuming the problem that I have not even managed and bear all the costs. The drone is zero here, without a spider, as it came out of the box.

R $ 3,850 for the X8 SE on Mercado LivreR $ 2,000 + on A3 on Mercado Livre

Mavic Pro and FPV Drones

A model that is already out of line and can be found at good prices is First Generation Mavic Pro. It costs a little more than a Mavic Air and stands out for being more robust and less susceptible to connection loss between control and drone. It can be found for prices under R $ 6,500 in the Free Market. Its 4K camera will also deliver very good quality, apart from a few less sensors and gesture control, I think is a more attractive option than Air if both are found at the same price.

I still remember that there are a lot of other brands wanting to appear, but they still have to prove a lot. Not to mention that FPV drones High-speed sports are gaining more and more strength not only in racing competitions, but especially in high-speed or extreme sports filming.

High-speed FPV drones should revolutionize short-term sports broadcasts.

& nsbp;

In my humble opinion, FPV drones should be the ones that will evolve the most from now on and in the short term they should revolutionize various sports transmissions, whether from motor sports such as car racing, motorcycle and water sports, or extreme sports like montain bike, skate, surf and so on.

But we have a lot to grow with this type of drone in Brazil, as few companies are operating here. Alis, We are very interested in starting to cover this type of product – is the tip for any company interested in a partnership!

Now with you!

Store directions were made through searches on the Google, Free market and Amazon. Always good to keep an eye on the ranking of the store and especially the comments of those who already made purchases, ensuring the process more smoothly, as highlighted there at the beginning of the article.

But Fbio, are almost all DJI models on your list? a paid post? AT THE… It's true that we don't have much where to "run" and, as I said in the case of the X8 SE, I still had a lot of trouble with a drone that offered a flying experience well below DJI models. So it's not about advertising or anything else. It is a company that dominates the market whether you like it or not, and dominates because it is considerably ahead of others in the final experience of the products it delivers.


& nsbp;

Lastly, search before buying. On sites like Mercado Livre you can find good prices coming from sellers with good ranking, ensuring a safe and trouble free purchase.

I left out a number of well-specified drones that could certainly be on the list – I even put some that I didn't even test like Skydio 2, Autel EVO and SwellPro SPRY +, but these are models I think deserve at least a mention for the critics that are receiving and also by different profile of consumer and use.

Other drones are appearing and may be good options like the Hubsan Zino 2, from a Chinese company that already has a number of models on the market. His specs are impressive at $ 399, which could be another good cost vs benefit from DJI models. We are trying to receive one for future analysis.


MORE IMPORTANT TIPS:1 – Having more than one battery makes a lot of difference in drones. I highly recommend buying extra battery packs – in the case of DJI models, the so-called "Fly More". This is a tip that you will regret a lot if you ignore it. You can charge me later.

2 – Free market. If you are in doubt and unsure about the purchase, see how many pieces the advertiser has already sold, including checking out the buyer's comments. The Free Market is as safe as any other store, just buy the right way.

3 – Are you in doubt about any other store? Search for it in Complain Here, or just a simple Google search: "storename complain here".

4 – Have drones risen in price? Yes, and quite. There is a shortage of products on the market because there is a change in drone tax framing in Brazil (do not confuse with drone framing). As a result, many imports have been in port for months waiting for release and therefore the prices of what is in stock are higher.

We plan to make an issue about it when everything is set. If you find a very good promotion against the prices I put, I recommend taking advantage, because the expectation that prices rise even higher.

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