Best Computer Antivirus – 9 Options to Test and Approve!

Best Computer Antivirus – 9 Options to Test and Approve!

In technological times everyone seeks more security and privacy to surf the internet. that is why the search for computer antivirus is a constant thing.

Antivirus is a great ally that can detect malicious programs that are threats to your computer. They have the function of eliminating or simply quarantining these files.

In general, the antivirus is a preventive system and is also able to remedy any attack by these malicious agents.

Below, check out the 7 best computer antiviruses on the market!

1- Avast Anti Virus

Avast antivirus

Avast has the advantage of its easy usability, which means that anyone can use the tool and configure it with few clicks. In addition, it has a more comprehensive protection against viruses and malware, to protect the computer as much as possible.

Among the features of the antivirus are the password manager, network scanner, game mode (disables notifications during the game) and behavior analysis function.

However, it has the disadvantage that some functions are paid for, as well as having some quick crashes, depending on the capacity of the computer.

The good news is that it protects your computer very well from unknown threats that most programs fail to capture.

Avast and AVG antivirus are now part of the same group, so they offer more efficient protection, especially when it comes to the paid feature.


  • It has the password manager feature;
  • Behavior analysis and personalization technology;
  • Anti-malware network scanner;
  • It has a free tool to remove Trojan, ideal for those who like to download games;
  • It has the free version which is also very efficient.

2- AVG Anti Virus

AVG antivirus

AVG stands out because it runs in the background and automatically, without compromising computer performance, which is its great advantage. In addition to this successful feature, you also have the option of system optimization, blocking downloads and insecure links, spam filters and security updates that are made in real time.

However, it has the disadvantage of not having multiple functions or resources from its competitors – especially in matters pertaining to privacy control. However, if you want a simple tool, just for basic computer protection, AVG is enough.

This software has the differential of running in the background constantly without the user having to do anything.


  • Blocks links considered unsafe;
  • It has system optimization tools;
  • Check emails for threats;
  • Updates the security system in real time;
  • It has a paid and free version.

3- Avira Anti Virus

Avira antivirus for pc

The main advantages of Avira are a clean and easy-to-use interface, in addition to optimized performance, without causing major impacts to the computer during execution.

Its operation aims to protect the computer from numerous types of threats, from malicious viruses to the most dangerous Trojans.

Its features include ransomware detection, antiphising protection, password management, browser tracking blocker, safe shopping, among others.

The tool is extremely effective, but has ads in its free version, which can be considered a negative point, especially for those who are uncomfortable with this detail.

However, its major feature is the heurstic mechanism that allows the detection of unknown threats called «Zero Day Attacks», which is a scarce resource in free software.


  • Password manager;
  • Anti – pshishing protection;
  • Detection of ransomware;
  • Browser tracking blocker;
  • Safe Shopping Avira;
  • Safe search engine;
  • Personal privacy assistant.

It has many features in the free version, however, be prepared to see many advertisements.

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4- Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky PC antivirus

Another effective option for preventing viruses from attacking your computer, but as Kaspersky does not make a point of showing that it has a free anti-virus feature, then few people know about it.

However, those who already know the application guarantee that it is one of the best free computer antiviruses out there. However, it must be emphasized that it does not have many extra features, but it covers what is necessary against viruses.


  • Very simple and easy to use;
  • Application for Android verse very well rated;
  • Light;
  • Many security and privacy control features;
  • One of the most popular names on the market;
  • It has excellent performance in protecting against malware.

Kaspersky Mobile: get to know this antivirus in the mobile version

5- Baidu Anti Virus

Antivirus for Baidu Desktop

Protects your computer in real time from viruses, trojans and malicious programs. The good thing about this software is that it is not limited to scanning local signature codes and also uses a system in the cloud.

Baidu has a very proactive defense for the computer, it does not use virus signature, but rather the definition of the virus primitive to evaluate the program’s behavior on a daily basis, that way it can perceive whether or not it is malicious.


  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Fast scan;
  • Automatically checks all downloaded files;
  • Free.

It is necessary to be aware, because during installation, Baidu tends to add third party applications.

6- Ad Adware

Antivirus for PC Adaware

The strong point of this software is that it brings the best in antivirus and antispyware, so it is not necessary to install two programs on the computer and consequently, it saves more space in the memory.

The scan is complete, it provides security for accessing banking sites, making online purchases and also checks computer directories that are most likely to have malware installed.


  • Scans are very fast and efficient;
  • Simplified interface;
  • Intuitive functions;
  • The software works in the background;
  • It has tools to clean navigation history.

Unfortunately, Ad Adware does not have a Portuguese version, but anyone who has no difficulty installing the program in English will be able to enjoy its benefits.

7- Panda Cloud

Antivirus Panda CLoud

This is one of the best antiviruses to protect the PC from malicious files, since it consists of an agent and a server, uses CLOUD-based analysis to identify and eliminate threats. According to data from the oantivirus com program itself, it has a virus detection rate of 100%, a high number, especially when compared to the other free style tools on the market.

In addition, the system has the advantages of being easily installed, having automatic updating and being light, that is, it does not compromise the performance of the computer while doing the work of protection and security.

There is yet another advantage and differential: the antivirus offers a free computer recovery system, with advanced verification and the creation of a USB recovery drive to start machines that were previously infected. With that, there is no loss of files.

The only negative point of Panda is that its free version is leaner, with few resources. To access more functions, you need to invest in paid plans, which have affordable prices compared to other antiviruses on the market.

The system is available for Windows, practical and allows the computer to be very secure through its innovative protection format. The virus bank is stored on the Panda server, this means that the program does not weigh on the computer.


  • Very functional program;
  • It has a collaborative system;
  • It doesn’t use a lot of PC memory.

8 – Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus

Bitdefender’s main differential is that it is a fast tool, that is, it performs tests and scans with agility, in addition to protecting the computer without changing its performance.

The antivirus has the functions antiphising, automatic scanning, malware detection based on behavior and a digital safe that encrypts files. All features also appear in the antivirus application.

Its only disadvantage is that it does not offer all alerts in the free version, only in the paid version. But Bitdefender does the basics of protection and security very well.


  • Light and easy to use;
  • Super fast automatic scan;
  • Has hacked privacy alerts.

9 – BullGuard

Antivirus and VPN BUll

BullGuard offers an effective protection against spam, malware, spyware, viruses, among others. In addition, it also warns you when a website or link is suspicious, minimizing the risk of hacking.

At the same time, it offers the game mode function, which ensures that the player is not interrupted while playing, leaving the antivirus acting in the background so as not to hinder performance in the game.

Its main disadvantage is that it will be available in the free version for a limited time. If you want to continue using the antivirus it will be necessary to invest in the paid version.


  • Differentiated features from the rest of the market;
  • Specialized for gamers;
  • Suspicious link warning works automatically;
  • Privacy invasion alerts.