Best cloud storage apps

Best cloud storage apps

G Cloud Backup: Full featured

GCloud doesn't offer much free space right away – offered 1GB, but can be expanded up to 10GB depending on the user – but its functions are interesting enough that it deserves a chance. The application's proposal is to back up everything on your phone, which means your focus is not only on large files, photos and videos, but also on contacts, SMS and call logs.

One of the most interesting features are the memories. In it, besides photos and videos, it is possible to remember, for example, connections made some time ago. Other relevant issues are password protection of the application and the possibility of automatic message backup.

G Cloud Backup
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pCloud: an interesting alternative

With a proposal to be a free cloud service, pCloud offers 10 GB free, and expandable up to 20 GB. Nevertheless, the app also offers a premium version, which provides 2TB for about $ 4 a month. The service does the job well, with the option of automatic backup and viewing of cloud files even while offline.

One of the cool features of pCloud is the encryption option. If the user wants, it is possible to select files to be encrypted and therefore to be in the cloud with greater security.

pCloud: Free Cloud Storage
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Amazon drive: the security of the giant

Amazon's cloud storage service, although not free, is quite famous and used all over the world. Amazon Drive has both the desktop version and the mobile app, and it has all the necessary functions that good cloud storage needs to have – and, in addition, with all the security that Amazon's name carries.

With this app, you can upload and view documents of all types, and share them by generating a link, something similar to what happens in Google Drive.

Amazon Drive
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Degoo: lots of free space

One of the main highlights of the Degoo cloud storage service is the amount of space provided for free: it's 100 GB right away. And not because it's free, the service isn't good: the app provides encryption and automatic backup.

If 100 GB does not seem much to you, you can expand this amount by joining paid version of the service. The cheapest premium version costs about $ 3 a month.

100 GB Free Backup – Degoo
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Google Drive: The handyman

Let's start with the obvious: Google Drive now offers 15 GB of free space for all Android devices. In addition, it shows a very useful history of changes to your documents, as well as support for many different file types and the option to allow others to edit your work.

It's an ideal choice for anyone with a Google account, featuring intuitive use that appeals to both beginners and old connoisseurs alike. Google Drive comes installed on most Android devices, which makes it a lot easier!

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Google Drive is the most integrated option with Android / ANDROIDPIT

Google Drive
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Box: simple and efficient

The Box is freely available from the Google Play Store and very easy to use, offering 10 GB of space with a download limit of 250 MB. For more, I need to make a yearly subscription (around $ 25 for 25 GB of storage).

Box is the simplest service of our selection

This is perhaps the simplest application on our list, with no special function: Box exists simply for uploading, downloading and sharing files, although it is also possible to edit and comment on cloud files. Box also has a widget that notifies the change of any shared document.

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Dropbox: reliable and popular

Dropbox has established itself as a favorite of the Android community. It has a relatively small storage space (slim initial 2 GB), but can be expanded to up to 16 GB in several ways.

Fast, intuitive and free Dropbox, with some very useful automatic backup functions for those who like to take photos and view them later on their computer. If you're willing to invest some time extending its original capacity, Dropbox is a great choice.

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Dropbox is the most popular service in this category / ANDROIDPIT

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SugarSync: The Most Intuitive

SugarSync offers 5 GB of free storage for a 90-day trial period. After that, the cheapest package comes out for about $ 25 per month for 100 GB. A bit pricey, but the service is simple and fast!

This app differs from others because it offers more payment methods, but space for cloud storage, and lets you invite friends to use and edit your files, as well as being connected to social networks.

SugarSync Offers 5 GB Free for 90 Days

Personally, I consider this the most intuitive cloud storage application, ideal for those unfamiliar with such services. Instead of a series of folders, we have here a clear menu with quick options like Photos, Shared Documents, Private Documents, etc. The simplicity of the app makes it easy to find files.

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Google Photos: Best Photo Backup Solution

Google Photos may be the ideal storage service for you looking to host your images somewhere. In addition to a cloud storage service, Google Photos is a complete and very functional image editor.

On Android, Photos also works as a photo gallery. Files can be viewed over the internet or mobile (iOS and Android only). The program has automatic backup feature on mobile – photos stored on camera – tagging and synchronization with Google Drive.

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Google Photos perfect for you who want to store your images / ANDROIDPIT

Google Photos
Install on Google Play

MediaFire: The Best Paid Service

With this tool, you have no less than 50 GB of free storage space, the perfect amount for a good collection of music and video. Like not everything that glitters gold, there are also points for criticism.

Firstly, you first get 10 GB and get the rest later (or pay a monthly fee to get 50 GB). Although the interface is very clean, the MediaFire menu is a bit confusing.

MediaFire delivers 10 GB first and later can receive 40 GB more

The service has all the basic functions of downloading images, downloading and sharing files, etc., including your camera photos, which saves you a lot of time. However, another disadvantage is the size limit for each 200 MB file, at least in the free version.

Install on Google Play

OneDrive: Best Value

OneDrive is a Microsoft storage service that can be accessed over the internet or through the official app. The 5 GB offered by the company may be considered low, but there are some packages that make the cost / benefit of the service more interesting.

Office 365 users can link to OneDrive and thus automatically gain 1TR of storage and 60 minutes of monthly calls via Skype. If you are not an Office 365 subscriber, you can purchase this subscription for under $ 25.

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OneDrive is the Microsoft / ANDROIDPIT Storage Service

Microsoft OneDrive
Install on Google Play

Mega: lots of space

Mega is an application that provides 50 GB of free face storage! This is one of the best deals in the Android world. In addition, everything you get encrypted and the decryption keys remain with the user, a great way to protect your privacy.

Mega offers the largest free space: 50 GB!

With Mega you can download files, manage your account and sync your camera directly with the service so that all your photos and videos are available in real time in the cloud. The service is still sticking to the basics, but should receive an update soon. The 50 GB of free storage, however, is already a sufficient argument for using the service.

Install on Google Play

What is the best cloud storage service?

The best cloud storage service varies according to your needs. Dropbox is best for synchronization (speed) and multiplatform as it is compatible with many systems. Google Drive is more integrated with Android and Google services, and can be a very interesting second option for those looking for integration and convenience.

These are our recommendations for apps that offer cloud storage service.

Which one do you use?

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