Best Apps That Help You Control Your Diet

Maintaining a disciplined eating routine can be a difficult task for many. Controlling the amount of calories you eat and the proper time between meals requires time and a lot of focus. We decided to separate the best apps that can help you control your diet and perhaps reach some goals set at the beginning of the year. Check out more details below.

Diet app
The best apps to control the diet. / ANDROIDPIT

Nourish Well

Nutra Bem aims to change eating habits that are not good for the user. All tensions consumed are controlled by Nutra Well, such as water, soda and candy. Comparative reports are given on which types of foods to avoid and which user to consume the most.

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Nutra Bem provides dietary tips and daily progress. / ANDROIDPIT
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Fat secret

Fat Secret works as a food diary, which must be supplied by the user daily. At first use the application asks the user weight and height, to fit the goals that need to be achieved. Fat Secret performs a series of calculations and reports to the user the excesses that should be dosed. One app differential is its barcode scanner, which allows you to find nutritional information about the product selected by the user. In addition to the basic tools, a recommended progress calendar and exercise diary are offered by Fat Secret.

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Fat Secret is a diary that controls your diet and helps you achieve your desired weight. / ANDROIDPIT
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FatSecret Calorie Counter
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Diet and Health

Diet and Health is a food-focused application, helping users consume protein and other appropriate foods. The initial register should contain the weight, height and types of meals that are consumed during the day. The Diet and Health does not indicate many exercises, but it helps the user lose weight through healthy foods.

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Diet and Health helps with suggestions of foods that should be eaten. / ANDROIDPIT
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Diet and Health – Healthy Diet to Lose Weight
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