Best Apps for Listening to Audiobooks

Per Gilmar Penter on 07/17/2020

Audiobooks or Audiobooks are the dynamic way to learn and absorb new information, to be part of beautiful love stories and tales, or to be apprehensive with all the suspense, in other words, it is a perfect mechanism for those seeking knowledge or entertainment from a good reading but no time to stop to read a printed book. It deals with an audio version of the printed books, featuring narrators, with several different voices, effects and soundtrack, creating an imaginary universe for those who listen.

The creation of an AudioBook is cheaper than that of printed books, so it started to be the big bet of publishers around the world. Another important factor is that of inclusion, because it allows people who have some difficulty to perform visual reading, to have access to the book’s content and to absorb the content.

Dynamic and practical, we separated the best apps to listen to an Audiobook in free or paid versions.

  • The application has a selection of summaries in Audiobook of the most popular books worldwide.
  • Its objective is to teach something in 12 minutes, bringing summaries of the main ideas of the work.
  • It exists in the free version, which has the catalog of Brazilian books, and in the paid version, which brings a wide variety of works.
  • The paid version you can listen to Audiobooks offline.
  • Its platform is geared towards personal development books, but contains literary books.
  • Not all summaries are just 12 min.

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Audiobooks Saraiva

  • Monthly plans.
  • Its digital collection has over 30 thousand works, including books, magazines and podcasts, series, documentaries.
  • The first 7 days are free.
  • You can listen to Audiobooks offline, just download them.
  • All your reading history is recorded in the account in real time
  • You can listen to Audiobooks and at the same time open a secondary screen, that is, you can use other applications while listening.

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Tocalivr os audiobooks

  • The App has a variety of books with narrations in Portuguese.
  • Copies are available free of charge.
  • His works range from business to children’s books.
  • It has annual plans.
  • Allows you to listen to Audiobooks before subscribing.
  • Allows individual purchase of the Audiobook.
  • More than 2,000 works are available to subscribers.

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LibriVox Audio Books

  • Free.
  • It has narrations of works of Brazilian literature.
  • Its collection consists of classic books, all in the public domain.
  • He has no current works.
  • The interface is simple to navigate.
  • To find books in Portuguese, just choose the language on the home screen.
  • The catalog is divided into genres, authors, lists or news.
  • Before the narration the user can read the audiobook summary.
  • Audiobooks can be rated by users.

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HQ audiobooks

  • Free.
  • Only App Store available for iPhone and iPad.
  • With over 10,000 free titles, 44 of them in Portuguese
  • Frequently updated app.
  • Works of various literary genres.

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  • The APP is available for IOS and Android systems.
  • The service is of Swedish origin, they are experts in sound content.
  • The platform counts audiobooks, podcasts, series, documentaries and information channels
  • There are more than 300 thousand works.
  • The app needs a subscription.
  • Works in English.
  • It has a good amount of items in Portuguese.

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  • Its interface resembles that of music applications.
  • It has a vast amount of contemporary literature.
  • Some works are accessed for free.
  • The books are separated into 30 categories.
  • Include newspaper and comic book formats.
  • It has a catalog aimed at children.
  • News feature with headlines from the main events in Brazil and the world.
  • Subscription is required to access the full content.