Best Android Translation Apps

Best Android Translation Apps

Do you sometimes travel for work or just enjoy new countries and new adventures? To survive around the world and make the most of your vacation while avoiding something unpleasant on your plate, we've separated the best translation apps for Android!

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Google Translate: the most complete and up-to-date database

It is impossible not to know the Google translator, it is the most popular translation tool in the world and offers at least 103 different languages. The free app allows you to write, speak, upload an image or frame a wall of undecipherable information for it to translate.

Another advantage of the app is that it can be used offline, ie if after hours walking through the Black Forest you want to ask some other passerby where is the nearest place to eat, just pull your phone from your pocket and open Google Translate. The app offers voice translation in 23 languages, and text translation in 93.

With Google Translate you can speak, write and upload an image with text

The translation quality is not perfect, of course, but developers continue to optimize the application. Before leaving for travel, all proud of your magic app, make sure you have downloaded the language pack you need.

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Google Translate instantly translates traffic signs and billboards using the / ANDROIDPIT camera

Google translator
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iTranslate: the most accurate

If you need to translate one or two sentences quite accurately, iTranslate is the app for you. The free app translates complete words and phrases into over 90 different languages, combining voice recognition and automatic translation.

An accurate translator that combines voice recognition and automatic translation

ITranslate is very intuitive if you need to type a sentence in the app, thanks to the quick text input function and the ability to copy and paste with a quick gesture. The app also lets you save some translated phrases in bookmarks, which can be useful later; It also provides the reading of texts translated in different languages ​​and dialects at different speeds.

If you prefer to hear the translation read by a woman rather than a man, no problem, just select the corresponding icon in the section.

To use iTranslate you need internet access and Android 4.1 or higher. For $ 9.71 you get rid of the ads and have unlimited translations.

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Accurate translations you can hear in different languages, dialects and speeds / ANDROIDPIT

iTranslate Language and Dictionary Translator
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Voice Translator: A Voice Translator in Your Pocket

If you're looking for an app that can translate your voice messages quickly and intuitively, you've found it! Once you install it on your device, s pronounce or read the word or phrase you want to translate and you're done! To be able to use this app well, you need a smartphone that has good voice recognition: App performance varies greatly from device to device.

Useful in situations where typing uncomfortable text

Easy to use, it is particularly useful in situations where you cannot type the text to be translated and you need an immediate translation to hold a conversation in another language. The app supports over 80 languages, delivers very well what it promises and has no other noteworthy functions. To use it, you need Android 4.0 or higher. However, if you need the app to do more things, you better look for an alternative in this list.

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Perfect Voice Translator for Voice Translations / ANDROIDPIT

Voice Translator – Translate Language
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Language Translator: Easy and Intuitive

If you are looking for a reliable application capable of providing the fastest translation possible, Language Translator is the right choice. The look is not very attractive, but it translates documents, phrases or words quickly, just tap the Translate button.

Simple and intuitive, the perfect app for beginners and those who want to get to the point.

The free app and supports 90 languages. It also supports speech recognition and translation reading. It's a really easy-to-use app that's not lost on freshness and designed for beginners and those who want to get to the point.

To use the app, you need Android 2.3 or higher and internet connection.

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Thanks to the clean interface, Language Translator is very easy to use / ANDROIDPIT

Language Translator
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With all these apps available, you have no more excuse: pack your suitcase and ride the world!

What's your favorite translation app?

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