Best accessories for Moto E 2015

Best accessories for Moto E 2015

Launched in April 2015, the second generation of Moto E has already won a legion of users satisfied with the software innovations and new device performance. Now the time has come to customize it and extend its functions with some accessories for the device. Check out our list of the best accessories for Moto E 2015!

Best Moto E 2015 Accessories: Lens Kit

The 3 in 1 lens set is a great alternative to the Moto E 2015 camera. The kit has the following lens types: fisheye, wide angle and macro in just one convenient little device. It fits in the palm of your hand and connects to your mobile phone quickly. The fisheye lens can extend the range of the sensor by up to 180, as well as being a wide-angle lens. The macro lens is great for taking pictures over shorter distances (between 1.5 and 2.3 cm), without losing focus on most occasions. Finally, the wide-angle lens wide increases the field of view by up to 50%, allowing greater framing in each captured image. The accessory can be found with values ​​between $ 12.90 and $ 18.91 through Novidi store.

lens kit
Moto E 2015 Accessories: Attachable lens assembly. / Free market

Best accessories for Moto E 2015: Removable Battery

Removable batteries are indispensable for many users, and all we need to do is choose the right model. The battery of Moto E 2015 has 2,390mAh, meaning any charger with autonomy above this range will ensure the device a full charge. I selected the charger from Sony because it has already been used on other devices, however, any other of a fully branded trusted brand. The charger value of $ 104.72 at the Sony Store, and its maximum autonomy of 2,800mAh.

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  Moto E 2015 Accessories: 2800 mAh battery from Sony. / Sony
<h2>Best Accessories for Moto E 2015: Selfie Stick</h2>
<p>The selfie stick serves as an arm extension, and allows you to make images at unexpected angles. The accessory is viable in more inaccessible places, such as in a tall building. The Moto E can be easily attached to the accessory, which adjusts according to the dimensions of the device. The complete Bluetooth kit can range from $ 15 to $ 27.92 at Casas Bahia.</p>
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Moto E 2015 Accessories: Selfie stick set. / ANDROIDPIT

Best accessories for Moto E 2015: Glass Film

Glass films add more strength and, in many cases, greater readability for the user. The glass films are easy to apply and are made of tempered fiberglass. In addition to protection, the films are easier to clean and prolong the traditional soft feel on new glass panels. Traditional plastic films can be easily found in many stores, and those made of fiberglass usually cost $ 30. At Novidi store you can find it for $ 27,92.

Best Accessories for Moto E 2015: Motorola Bluetooth Headsets

Many users prefer to answer calls using Bluetooth headsets. The accessory eliminates the need to hold the phone for a call, allowing up to 12 hours of charging time. Motorola sells a state-of-the-art Bluetooth headset with up to 9 hours of continuous talk time. The accessory is sold at the Motorola store for $ 79.00.

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  Moto E 2015 Accessories: Motorola Bluetooth Headset. / Motorola
<p>And which accessory from our list have you tried on your Android?</p>
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