BES opens virtual space in Second Life

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

BES is the first financial institution in Portugal to open the doors of a branch in the virtual world of Second Life.

The bank’s debut in this parallel universe happened yesterday evening, in an event that featured regattas in Cascais Bay and with the participation of a virtual Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cascais Marina was the place chosen to open the BES counter as it belongs to «one of the most beautiful coastal areas in our country», the bank told the newspaper Expresso.

The recreation of the coastal space was in charge of ARCI, Associação Recreativa para la Computação.

As for the reasons that led the financial entity to bet on the virtual world of Second Life, BES indicates that it is another way of interacting with its customers, this time with the more than 40 thousand Portuguese people who circulate on the platform.

In addition to the replica of a real BES counter, there will be a bank space dedicated to leisure and culture.

The whole strategy revolves around a new need created in the current market that «understands that the consumer has new habits, new interests, new behaviors and necessarily new expectations in his relationship with the brands».

In a first phase, BES facilities in SL will serve to publicize the brand’s products and services, in addition to promoting culture and leisure in the virtual facilities.

Then, over time, the bank intends to adapt itself to the demands of the consumer in the virtual world.

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