BenQ sells digital camera unit to Ability Enterprise

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BenQ Global’s financial restructuring plan led the Taiwanese manufacturer to choose to sell its digital camera unit to Ability Enterprise, a Taiwanese company that already manufactured this type of equipment. Alongside this operation, the company will also sell two buildings and this week sold the Brazilian unit of BenQ Mobile.

The camera business is operational on 1 June, with the transition of 70 BenQ employees who worked in this area to Ability Enterprise, but the cost of the operation will be based on the company’s value on 30 June.

The area of ​​production and development of cameras will be fully integrated into Ability, but BenQ intends to maintain the brand and continue to market equipment under its name.

Just last month, BenQ had announced a business spin-off strategy with the BenQ brand whereby the company wanted to focus on core brand and service skills as well as manufacturing and technology. After the spin-off, which is expected to be approved at the shareholders’ meeting on June 15, BenQ Corporation will be renamed Jia Da Corporation.

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