BenQ replaces Siemens brand in mobile phones from 2007

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About to finalize the business of acquiring the Siemens mobile phone unit, BenQ admits that in 2007 it may start to abandon the German giant’s brand of equipment. The right to place the Siemens brand on mobile terminals has been guaranteed for a period of five years, but the company in Formosa does not intend to prolong the use for that long.

In markets where the BenQ name is already more familiar, namely in Asia, the Siemens brand will no longer appear on the terminals in the spring of 2007, and may remain for another 18 months in other markets where the Formosa company’s brand is not recognized.

In an interview with the Finantial Times, Jerry Wang, BenQ’s marketing director, explained the plans for replacing the Siemens brand now that there are only a few weeks left to complete the deal.

It is recalled that the announcement of the acquisition was made in June, in a deal estimated at 300 million euros. Only in October will the merger be finalized, maintaining the BenQ Siemens brand for now.

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