Benchmark reveals: new iPad has 1GB of RAM

Since the launch of the new iPad, many people wanted to know if it actually has 1GB of RAM. Everything suggests that yes, after all, to endure the “stride” of the new Retina display and the set of improvements in graphics processing, memory is something very important. Apple rarely confirms this type of information for her, you just need to know that the new iPad will be the best tablet you will use, but everything suggests that, yes, it does have 1GB of RAM.

To put an end to this story, developer Sonny Dickson released the following tweet:

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Incredible! The new iPad has 1GB of RAM!

The screenshot below shows the benchmark Geekbench. In it, we see some information about the new iPad, such as the 998MB of RAM and ARMv7 processor at 1GHz.

Benchmark of the new iPad

The image is in iPhone / iPod touch format as it ran in compatibility mode on the new iPad.

The gadget's score was 756, just above the iPad 2, which scored 751 points even though it is equipped with a lower processor (A5) and less RAM (512MB). It remains now to wait for iFixit to put hands on the new iPad to discover new details after all, it does not go through our head to disassemble our new iPad.

(via TNW)