Benchmark of the new Mac mini surpasses the scores of the iMacs

Mac mini

We already disclose here the benchmarks the new iPad Pro (which made a nice leap over the previous generation) and the MacBook Air (this one, much more modest). The time has come to see how the new Mac mini. In the case of the tablet and notebook, we are only talking about a single processor model for each (the A12X Bionic on the iPad and the Intel Core i5 1.6GHz on the MacBook Air).

On the Mac mini, however, we have three possible configurations: 3.6GHz Intel Core i3 (quad-core), 3GHz Intel Core i5 (6-core) and 3.2GHz Intel Core i7 (6-core) – all 8th generation chips. THE benchmark in question is the most robust Mac mini model (3.2GHz Intel Core i7, with 32GB of RAM and UHD Graphics 630).

The same user ran the test twice, with a difference of minutes between them. In the first, the machine scored 5,070 in the single-core and 16,818 in the multi-core; in the second, the scores were respectively 5,512 and 23,516. Why such a difference? We don’t know (who knows, maybe the computer was also performing other tasks along with the test), but we will then use the best scores as a basis – after all, they were achieved.

Based on them, the tests were very similar to the MacBook Pro equipped with an Intel Core i9 2.9GHz (6-core), which obtained scores of 5,433 and 22,556. The new Mac mini also comes close to the 2013 Macs Pro when it comes to performance multi-core and overtakes them in single-core. With the exception of the Pro model, it outperforms 2017 iMacs – which unfortunately (yet?) Have not been updated by Apple this year.

If we compare it with the old Mac mini, then… there is cowardice – the best test we have on the Geekbench Browser for the 2014 model reached 4,064 points in single-core and 7,784 in the multi-core. Other tests with the new machines will come, but with this one we can already base the maximum performance of the new Apple desktop.

A pity that, for such performance, it is necessary to pay a minimum of US $ 1,300 (this by upgrading only the processor, not counting RAM and SSD). Obviously, we are talking about prices in the USA since, in Brazil, the new machines are still unavailable and it is not possible to view the values ​​for customization. In the most basic model, the Mac mini now costs $ 800 compared to the $ 500 previously charged; in Brazil, the jump went from R $ 3,850 to R $ 7,000.

via MacRumors