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Benchmark of the new iPhone SE shows performance slightly below that of the iPhone 11

THE new iPhone SE arrived: the iPhone 8 body and the (relatively) low price attracted the attention of consumers all over the world so much so that, in countries where the device has already started its pre-sale (more than 40), the smartphone shipping deadlines jumped from days to weeks quickly.

Obviously, in addition to the lower price, much of that interest has a first and last name: A13 Bionic. The processor that equips the new iPhone SE is the very same chip that inhabits the heart of the iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, the most powerful available today at Apple. It would be a case of supposing, therefore, that Ma's new entry smartphone has a performance identical to that of her most expensive brothers, right? Well, not quite.

The website MySmartPrice was the first to do benchmark on the youngest of iPhones, and the findings were curious. In the tool AnTuTu, the new SE scored 492,166 points a brand very close to that achieved by the iPhone 11 (517,400 points), but still inferior.

Benchmarks of the new iPhone SE

The reason for the difference may be in the amount of RAM: while the new iPhone SE has 3GB memory, the iPhone 11 comes with 4GB and the benchmark AnTuTu, it is worth noting, takes into account the amount of RAM to calculate your scores.

Another possibility that Apple simply slightly reduced the clock of the A13 Bionic on the cheapest smartphone, maybe for thermal reasons (the much smaller device, after all) or something like that. The concrete answer, however, will come only when more tests are done on the device.

The fact that, even slightly slower than its bigger brothers, the new SE is faster than any other existing iPhone even flagships last year. THE iPhone XS Max, for example, conquered 443,337 points the same benchmark.

With the numbers already collected, it remains to be seen now what will be the impressions of users in the real world. You, of course, just need to keep an eye on our YouTube channel for this.

via GSMArena