iPad mini editing movie on iMovie

Benchmark of one of the new iPads indicates performance similar to that of the iPhone XR

As you certainly have already seen, Apple today updated its line of iPads without much fanfare with two new members: the fifth generation iPad mini and the third generation iPad Air. The news is not so exciting, but the two tablets bring the best in terms of processing power at Apple with the chips A12 Bionic (or almost, since the iPad Pro 2018 has the slightly more advanced A12X Bionic).

iPad mini editing movie on iMovie

As the Internet does not sleep in service, a few hours after the announcement of the devices, the Geekbench already painted the performance record of such an iPad11,2 – which can refer to either of the two devices; as both have the same processor, we are betting that the numbers registered here can refer to both.

The unidentified iPad received a single core score of 4,806, while the score multi-cores was in the 11,607. The numbers are slightly higher than those of the iPhones XS, XS Max and XR, which have the same processor – the tablet in question certainly has some optimizations in the chipset due to its larger size; so the slight advantage.

The Geekbench also revealed that the tested iPad has 3GB RAM, which is the same amount present in the iPhone XR – the XS and XS Max iPhones, as well as the iPad Pro, have 4GB of memory. That is: in general, we can expect that the new Apple tablets will have a performance similar to the cheaper iPhone of the new line, which is already quite satisfactory.

Reasonable, isn’t it?

via MacRumors